Your Profile

When you log into your TutorCruncher account you can view your Dashboard. It shows the information you have provided to the company you are working with, as well as any jobs you are currently on.

You can add more details to your profile, such as your address and phone number, or any other information required by the company, by clicking the 'Edit' button. 'Amount Owed' corresponds to lessons marked as complete but not yet paid for by your agency (a lesson that has started, even if it has not finished, is considered as a Complete lesson).

Your Jobs

Your most recent open jobs are shown here. Jobs are the link between you and your students on TutorCruncher. If you click on the job you can view its details and - depending on the permissions your administrator allows - mark lessons as complete or schedule new lessons.

You can view all of your jobs by going to the My Jobs in the menu on the left hand.

Your teaching skills

These are the skills you can teach. To add or edit skills, click on the edit symbol next to ‘Teaching skills’. Select a subject and the levels you can teach it at, add another if necessary, and click submit when you are done.

If you can teach a skill but can’t find it on the list ask the company you are working with to add a custom subject.

Your Qualifications

This is the place to list all relevant qualifications, both academic and industry, that would make you suitable to work for the company.

To add a qualification, click on the plus symbol, enter the relevant information, and click Submit. If you require additional qualification levels not on the list, ask your company to create the required custom qualification levels.

Your attended Institutions

Institutions show where you received your qualifications. Other notable institutions you attended but didn't get qualifications from can also be included.

If there is an institution that you would like to add but is not in the list, you can add it by going to Add Institution, and clicking Add Custom Institution.

Your Availability

Setting your availability will ensure that only lessons within the set period of time can be scheduled for you.

Go to your Dashboard and click the 'Set Availability' button. Select the available start and end times, then click the dates on the calendar where applicable, and click 'Save'. Alternatively you can create availability for several dates at once by clicking the 'Mass Create' button and filling in the details.