How do I pay an invoice?

Clients can pay invoices from their accounts using the card payment service Stripe. They simply need to log in to TutorCruncher, navigate to 'Invoices' tab, click on an 'Unpaid' invoice, and click 'Pay with card'.

TutorCruncher lets your clients pay their invoices via card without requiring a login to their account, they can simply do so via a secure email link.

Administrators can also mark the invoice as paid if your clients have not paid the invoice from their account. Navigate to Accounting > Raised Invoices, and click 'Mark Paid' next to the invoice. Record the amount paid on the invoice and the method. Alternatively, you can pay with Stripe by clicking on the invoice and clicking the 'Pay with Card' button.

Payments can be made in parts, but the invoice status will only be marked as 'Paid' once the whole amount has been paid for. If your company setup allows for automatic payment, the invoice can be automatically paid if the client has enough funds topped up.

Can split payments be made on an invoice?

Unfortunately, split payments cannot be made on an invoice. Administrators can take separate payments for an invoice outside of the platform, and then manually mark that invoice as partly paid within TutorCruncher.

How do I manually pay an invoice from the Client's Balance?

Click on an unpaid invoice and click 'Pay from Client Credit'.

You must have Automatically Pay Invoices from Client's Balance enabled for this.

How do I void an invoice?

To void an invoice, you must issue a credit note. Credit notes are issued if there is an error or dispute with the invoice. Go to the invoice and click on 'Issue Credit Note' at the top of the page. Fill out a description and the type of credit note, then click Submit. Payments cannot be made on a voided invoice. Any items on the voided invoice will be marked as uninvoiced, and charges must be regenerated to put the items on a new invoice.

Will a voided invoice be viewable to a client?

Yes, a voided invoice will still be viewable to a client when they log into their account. They will see why the invoice was voided, as well as an explanation as to why a credit note had been issued against it.

How to void an Invoice or Payment Order

Occasionally you need to change an invoice or payment order after it’s sent or paid because of mistakes made by the client, tutor or even admin.

Step by step process

  • For example, with this invoice, one of the lessons has been logged for 1.5 hours when it is supposed to be one hour. This has led to the client being charged wrongly.
  • To void an invoice, go to the invoice, click the ‘Issue Credit Note’ button, enter the necessary information and click 'Submit'.
  • The lessons on this invoice are now editable again, so you can change them to what they should be.
  • A new invoice now needs to be generated, so go to Accounting > Draft Invoices > Regenerate and regenerate the invoice you need using the appropriate cutoff dates.
  • You can see that the new invoice has the correct lesson times on it, so it can be sent off.
  • You can go through the same process with a payment order.

If an already paid invoice is voided, credit will be added to a client’s account without actually refunding this credit. If a refund is necessary, this needs to be done outside of the system and the client's balance needs to be adjusted manually to reflect that a refund has taken place.

More information

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How do I refund a client?

There may be times that a client has made a payment on an invoice, but a refund may need to be issued due to an erroneous, or disputed invoice. In this instance, you have the option of refunding that payment to the client. When issuing a credit note, there is an option for 'Refund Payment'. If the client paid their invoices using Stripe, then that refund would automatically be processed within Stripe. If the invoice was paid using an alternative method, then that refund would need to be processed manually. Once the credit note has been issued & the checkbox for 'Refund Payment' has been selected, the client's balance will automatically be debited the amount of that paid invoice.

Why isn't a lesson appearing on my invoice?

There are a few reasons why this could happen:

  • Is the lesson marked as Complete? If you go to the lessons page, is there a green box saying Complete? Otherwise, you can click the 'Mark Complete button'. If this isn't available, check the reasons you cannot edit a lesson.
  • Has the lesson already been invoiced? On the lesson's page, you might have a panel called Invoices - if not this isn't the reason. If this panel is there and there is already an Invoice with Sent, Pending or Paid beside it, then the lesson has already been invoiced for.
  • Is the lesson chargeable? This is an easy check. On the lessons page, beside the student's name, there will be the amount you are charging. If this is zero, then the lesson won't be invoiceable.
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