Direct Debit Matching

Learn how to match your Clients from TutorCruncher to your clients in GoCardless

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The Direct Debit Matching function can be found via System > Settings > Direct Debit Matching. It is used to match Clients who already have an account with GoCardless to their accounts on TutorCruncher. For this to function as expected, it’s necessary for the email address and name of the Client on TutorCruncher to match the email address and name they have listed on their GoCardless account.

If both of these match, then they will appear in the Direct Debit Matching panel - selecting Link will synchronise their GoCardless account with TutorCruncher - a green checkmark should appear next to their name once the two accounts have been successfully linked, and will be reflected when you navigate to their Client profile’s Accounting tab, where the direct debit mandate will be listed as a payment method.

A Client's mandate appears as ‘Active’ in GoCardless; why aren't they appearing in the customer matching tool?

Two main possibilities:

  1. It hasn't reached the ‘Earliest Charge Date’ setting within GoCardless. Transactions can only be processed after this date has been passed.

  2. The Client has already been matched and the mandate details have already been assigned to their profile.

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