Online Whiteboard

We now have an online whiteboard! Tutors, students and clients can all view this during a lesson.

Accessing the Online Whiteboard

You can access your Online Whiteboard by clicking the Online Whiteboard option in the menu, or by going to a lesson and clicking the link from there. You will be automatically logged in and you can view all the Whiteboards you have saved during previous lessons.

How do I create/attend an online tutoring session?

Both the tutor and student can go to the lesson page within TutorCruncher (best accessed from the calendar) and click the 'Online Whiteboard' link.

Who can see the Online Whiteboard?

Tutors, Students and their Clients, and Administrators can see the Lesson Whiteboard.

When can I see old sessions?

Simply login to the service at the link in your menu, you'll have all of the content you have previously saved.