Thanks for taking part in translating TutorCruncher.


We use Localise to allow people to translate TutorCruncher. If you don't already have access but would like to use this feature, contact

How to Translate

  1. Once you sign in, click on Translate, under TutorCruncher/TutorCruncher2:
  2. You will have 2 languages at the top, the From language and the To language. Change the From language to English Tutoring. This is important due to the reasons explained below.
  3. You can see the original string under 'Asset Name', then the english tutoring version under 'Source Text'. Under that is where you enter your translation. The important part is to translate the source text, not the asset name.

TutorCruncher's text is written in English in the back end, but English that applies to every industry that the system will eventually be used for. We then translate the system from English into English Tutoring. This means that you will be translating from English Tutoring into whichever language you are using.

Special cases

Contact us if you need help!

You can call us anytime during business hours, or generally contact us by email, so ring +44 (0) 207 1128 953 or email if you need help.