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Peer-to-peer vs cloud meetings

Your TutorCruncher Video calls switch from peer-to-peer to the cloud, for larger meetings:

  • With 4 or fewer in your call, calls are peer-to-per (p2p)

  • When more than 4 people join a call, your call switches to a cloud meeting.

We are big fans of peer-to-peer. Setting up the p2p connections between every person does require bandwidth. So for a larger meeting, your call switches to the cloud.


  • When 4 or fewer people are in a call because the call is p2p, only the browsers in your call can decrypt the audio and video streams.

  • When 5 or more people are in a call, the video and audio streams are routed through our servers. The streams are still encrypted, and our code is written in such a way that we do not have access to this data. They are not encrypted end-to-end as they are in a p2p call, to be clear, but they are still fully secure.

  • The only data we store on our servers is your account data (login/domain) and meeting recording data (number of participants, call duration, etc.). If you are not recording your call, we do not store your video/audio call on our servers. We strictly control access to your account data, following industry best practices.

Keyboard shortcuts for TutorCruncher Video

When you're in a call, you can quickly mute your cam or mic with shortcuts:


  • Cmd + e Turn on or off camera.

  • Cmd + d Mute or unmute your microphone.


  • Ctrl + e turn on or off camera.

  • Ctrl + d Mute or unmute your microphone.

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