TutorCruncher's Fees and Charges

TutorCruncher sends out invoices to our client companies at the beginning of every month. There are two different ways that you may be invoiced depending on your usage. These are:

In Arrears:

This would be for your usage for the previous month. This would include a Base Fee, Extra Branch Fee's, as well as a Revenue Fee for your usage for the previous month. (For example, if you were invoiced in February, you would be receiving charges for your usage for the month of January.)


When you are being charged upfront, you would receive a Base Fee as well as Extra Branch Fee's for the coming month, but your Revenue Fee would still be for the previous month. (For example, if you were invoiced in February, you would be receiving a Base Fee & Extra Branch Fee for February, but your Revenue Fee would be for January)

What are the two basic charges that I would receive on my invoice?

  • Base Fee: This is a flat fee of £25 or £60 (GBP) which is included on your invoices every month.

  • Activity Fee (AKA: Revenue Percentage Fee): This is calculated based on how much revenue (either 1% or 0.65%) you put through TutorCruncher during that month in. The revenue percentage would be

What other charges might I see on my Invoice?

As well as the two basic charges that you would receive, there are also a few other charges that you might receive:

  1. Some of the Activity Fee is collected on the Point of Payment.

This only applies to payments taken when you are using TutorCruncher's integrated Payment Gateways for taking payment from clients. The percentage collected on the Point of Payment is the same as the Revenue Percentage you have agreed to pay (1% or 0.65%). This activity fee is listed on your invoices (see point number 2, below) however we do not charge you for it again at the end of the month: We just let you know that this payment was taken throughout the course of the month, at the time the client made payment.

  1. Activity Fee isn't listed on Invoices as Activity Fee

We mentioned above that Activity Fee can be collected on the Point of Payment, and it can be, but that's only when you're using TutorCruncher's integrated Payment Gateways to receive money from clients. So what happens when your client gives you a check, for example? You can still record that on TutorCruncher, but we won't take a portion of that transaction so we will have to charge for it separately.

Because of this Activity Fees breakdown further into two sub-components:

A) Activity Fees we collect throughout the month on the Point of Payment by your Clients


B) Activity Fees we charge for separately, along with the Base Fee on the invoice at the end of the month. These kinds of Activity Fees have a special name on TutorCruncher Invoices, we call them "Other Usage Fees"

So now we have three parts to TutorCruncher invoices; Base Fees, Activity Fees Charged Throughout The Month, and Other Usage Fees.

Let's look further into Activity Fees Charged Throughout The Month.

These fees are only taken when they're process using an Integrated TutorCruncher Payment Gateway.

The thing is, there are a few different payment gateways that could be used.

You might be taking Debit or Credit Card Payments, in which case they're listed separately as "Card Usage Fees".

If the client pays with Direct Debit we call them "Direct Debit Usage Fees".

If they pay with ACH Payments it's called "ACH Usage Fees".

These are all the possible charges that might show up on your TutorCruncher Invoice for running TutorCruncher's software (for possible extras see point number 3, below):

  • Base Fee

  • Card Usage Fee

  • Direct Debit Usage Fee

  • ACH Usage Fee

  • Other Usage Fee

  1. Other Charges Sometimes Included on Invoices

A) Chat Support: This is the $12/month charge for our established companies who like to get word back ASAP on their questions to our support team.

B) Phone Support: This is the $120/month charge for established companies who like reliable phone support, video calls and product training on an on-going basis.

Why is there a Sales Tax on my invoice?

TutorCruncher's billing is exclusive of VAT. If you are a company based in the UK or EU, then VAT will be added on top of that in the form of Sales Tax. This will appear on the invoice you receive from TutorCruncher.

I want to include previous lesson scheduling information from another platform to my account, will I be charged for that in my billing cycle?

Yes, if you enter and record any previous lessons that have taken place, TutorCruncher will record this as revenue through the platform, regardless of when the lessons were scheduled. Revenue is calculated on the total of completed lessons as well as any ad hoc charges. Any information relating to lesson schedule that is entered within the month will be taken into account in the billing cycle.

I terminated my account, why did I still receive an invoice?

When you cancel your company account, that termination won't take effect until the following calendar month. If you cancel the service before the end of your current paid up month, your cancellation will take effect immediately and you will receive one final invoice usage in the month of cancellation.

Can I still access previous accounting information after terminating my account?

A user will not be able to access their account once it is terminated. If you wish to access certain accounting information relating to your account, then you will need to get in touch with one of the team at [email protected].

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