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Learn about editing your billing and payment details alongside changing your support plan here.

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The Billing page (found via System > Billing) is where you can manage your account’s billing details, payment methods and price plan. You can also add a chat or phone support package to your subscription here, alongside track the Invoices TutorCruncher sends to your organisation.

This page also contains a panel that includes a breakdown of your monthly invoice’s fees and rates. More information about TutorCruncher’s fees and charges can be found here.

An example of a Billing page.

How do I change my TutorCruncher price plan?

Simply select the Change price plan button found on the Fees panel to open the Change Price Plan panel. Here you can adjust your price plan using the dropdown menu, and change the currency your organisation is billed in using the Billing Currency dropdown menu.

Note: Changes to your price plan will not take effect until the following month.

What currencies can I pay for TutorCruncher with?

Currently, TutorCruncher Billing supports GBP, EUR and USD. You can choose to pay in whichever currency you feel most comfortable using.

Note: Our fees are not changed based on live conversion rates, meaning fluctuations in exchange rates will not directly affect our EUR/USD pricing.

Can I pay for TutorCruncher using direct debit?

Yes you can! Simply email and ask to begin paying us via direct debit, we'll take it from there.

How do I edit my billing details?

The company name, email, country and address which will be used on TutorCruncher invoices can be edited via the Edit billing details button. Edit the details accordingly before clicking Save.

The Edit Billing Details panel.

What are the different support packages?

The support packages are as follows:

  • The 'Chat Support' Package gives you priority access to our support staff and access to our in-app chat. This subscription means you can get support much faster.

  • The 'Phone Support' Package gives you the option to phone our support staff to get help with issues you are experiencing. This package also means you can book in training sessions for free.

Your support package can be adjusted by clicking the Add support plan button to open the Change Support Plan panel, from where you can choose either chat support or phone support using the dropdown menu.

Head to our website for more information about support packages.

How do I cancel my TutorCruncher subscription?

Simply use the Terminate Company Account button to close your TutorCruncher account. Note that your cancellation will take effect from the following calendar month; for example, if you decided to cancel your account on the 18th February, you will still be charged for your account usage during the month of February at the end of the month.

Can I reactivate my account after I’ve cancelled my subscription?

If you previously terminated your account and would like to reactivate it, you can send us an email at and can activate it again.

How does TutorCruncher’s Billing work?

When you start using TutorCruncher, we will bill you when your trial expires. The Invoice is for usage up to the start of the next month, pro-rated for the period left in the month. For example, if your trial expires on the 20th February we’ll create an Invoice for the last 8 days of the month.

After that, you will be billed on the 1st of each month. For fixed fees, such as the Base Fee, you will be charged upfront for the next month. For variable fees like a Usage Fee, you will be charged for the previous month. For example, the Invoice that you receive on the 1st February will include your Base Fee for February and your usage fee for January.

How is my Bill/Invoice calculated?

Your Invoice is made up of a few different charges depending on what services you are using; in this section, we explain how they are calculated. The rates for each charge can be found by navigating to your Billing page on TutorCruncher.

Base Fee

Your Base Fee is the flat amount of money you pay each month and is dependent on your price plan. The rate is listed beside “[Price plan] base price” on your Billing page.

Extra Branches Fee

If you have extra Branches enabled for your TutorCruncher account then this is the charge relating to those. The rate is listed beside “Extra branches” on your Billing page (if relevant).

Custom Domain Fee

If you are using a Custom Domain with your TutorCruncher account then this is the charge for that. The rate is listed beside “Custom domain” on your Billing page (if relevant).

Support Fee

If you have a support plan, then this is the charge for that. The rate is listed beside “Support plan” on your Billing page (if relevant).

Card Processing with Stripe Fee

This is the charge for any card payments processed using our online payments provider, Stripe and is different depending on whether you are a UK based business. If are based outside of the UK then your rate will be shown beside “Offline payments” on the Billing page and does not include the fee charged by Stripe for processing payment. If your business is based inside the UK then the rate will be listed beside “Online payments” and this charge includes the processing fees (except for any extra processing fees, explained below).

Note: The fee is taken at the time of the payment being processed via Stripe and is then deducted from the amount left to pay on the Invoice.

Bank Transfer Processing with Stripe Fee

This is the charge for any Bank Transfer payments processed using our online payments provider, Stripe. This is a service only currently available to companies based in the UK.

Direct Debit with GoCardless Fee

This is the charge for any direct debits processed using GoCardless, another online payments provider.

Note: The fee is taken at the time of the payment being processed in GoCardless and is then deducted from the amount left to pay on the Invoice.

TutorCruncher SMS Fee

This is the charge for SMSs your company sent through TutorCruncher. The fees for this service change often and up to date rates can be found here.

TutorCruncher Video Usage Fee

This is the charge for using our integrated online video service, if your company is using it. There are different rates for participant minutes (how many minutes of call per person on the call you use), recorded minutes (how many minutes you record) and storage minutes (how many minutes of video you have stored). We allow a generous free allowance for this service; companies very rarely go over it.

Other Usage Fee

This is a variable fee calculated from your usage of TutorCruncher. Simply put, TutorCruncher looks over all Lesson/Ad Hoc Charges that happened in the previous month and multiplies how much the client was/will be charged by the “Offline Payments” fee. Items that count as “billable” are:

  • Lessons that have the status Complete/Cancelled but Chargeable where the “Start date” was in the billing period.

  • Ad Hoc Charges where the “Date occurred” was in the billing period.

As an example, let us say that you are a company on our Pay as You Go plan, which has an Offline payments fee of 1% and an Online payments fee of 2.65% (including payment processing fees). You provide two Lessons in January which are charged at a rate of $100 and $150 respectively, giving you a total revenue of $250. On the 1st February, TutorCruncher will work out that you owe a fee of $2.50.

If a Lesson/AHC was added during a given month but the Start date/Date occurred was over a month ago, TutorCruncher will still find and use them to calculate the fee.

If you would like to see a full breakdown of every item included in the Usage Fee, you can click the “Billing breakdown” link when viewing your Invoice from the Billing page.

Note: If you are using our integrated payments providers (Stripe or GoCardless) then the billable amount will be deducted by the amount you have processed using that payment method (so that you do not get billed twice). We can use the above example to make this clearer.

Let us say that for the first Lesson in which you are charging the client $100, you take payment in January using one of our integrated payment providers.

The fee for this Lesson will be 1% ($1). TutorCruncher will take the fee at the time the payment is processed. When we generate an Invoice for the January period, your usage fee will be $2.50 - $1 (as we’ve already taken this fee) = $1.50.

Credit applied due to a change in payment method

This section only applies if you are based in the UK and are using Stripe. Before reading this section, you should read and understand “Other Usage Fee” above.

This line will credit your Invoice for any Lessons that were charged as a Usage Fee on a previous Invoice, but that you have invoiced for this month. That may seem like an obscure explanation, so the easiest thing to do is take an example.

Let us say that you are a company on our Pay as You Go plan, which has an Offline payments fee of 1% and an Online payments fee of 2.65% (including payment processing fees).

On the 25th January, you provide a Lesson to your client that they are charged £100 for but the client has not paid for this Lesson yet. On the 1st February, TutorCruncher calculates a Usage Fee for January and that includes a charge of 1% (£1) for that Lesson. Then on the 5th February, you take payment for the Lesson from your client through our payments processor, Stripe. TutorCruncher charges you 2.65% (£2.65) for that payment.

Obviously this would mean you have been charged twice, so we issue a credit for the next Invoice of £1. This is totalled together on the Invoice, but if you wish to view a more detailed Export then you can view it by clicking the “App fees breakdown” button when viewing your Invoice from the Billing page.

Credit used from account

If you have had any credit applied to your Invoice for any reason this will be shown as a line under this name.

Why is there ‘Sales Tax’ on my invoice?

TutorCruncher’s listed prices are exclusive of VAT; companies based in the UK will have VAT added on top of their invoice.

I want to add previous Lesson scheduling information from another platform to my account, will I be charged for that too?

Yes - any Lessons that are recorded on the TutorCruncher platform will incur an activity fee, irrespective of when those Lessons originally took place.

I terminated my account, why did I still receive an invoice?

Cancelling an account will only result in your account being terminated in the following calendar month. If you cancel your service before the end of your current paid-for month, your cancellation will take effect immediately and you will receive a final invoice for your usage of that month.

Can I still access my accounting information after terminating my account?

Administrators will be unable to access their account in any way once it has been terminated. Any users wishing to access their account’s accounting information are advised to get in touch with the team at

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