What is Find a Tutor?

Find a Tutor is TutorCruncher’s own tutor listing service. It allows potential clients to find your business from TutorCruncher's frontend website. This feature means that your business can be seen by thousands of more potential customers every week.

The TutorCruncher listing service gives prospective clients the ability to search for tutors based on subject and location. Once they have selected a company they like, they can submit an inquiry form, which will go directly to your emails. The client's profile is also created within your TutorCruncher account, straight into the Prospect Pipeline. This way you can make direct contact with each new customer as they inquire and easily manage their onboarding.

You can visit Find a Tutor by going to this link.

Find a Tutor is a service provided by TutorCruncher to list tutoring companies using our platform for prospective clients to view and make enquiries to those companies. TutorCruncher does not mediate or have any control over any contact between any prospective clients and the companies they are contacting through our service or any arrangements made as a result of this service.

How are the Find a Tutor search results ordered?

For online tuition, search companies are listed in random order. This was done to give each company an equal opportunity to be exposed to new clients the initial listing of companies is random. Once a company has received an enquiry, their profile gets moved to the bottom of the search results.

Over time each company has the ability to work their way back up to the top of the search results, as other businesses have enquiries submitted to them. This system was chosen to give every company an equal opportunity to be introduced to new clients.

For face-to-face tuition search results are ordered based on how close each company's address is to the Post/Zip code entered.

Where do I add my business to Find a Tutor?

Adding your business to Find a Tutor is very simple:

  1. Add an address and zip code/postcode to your branch under System > Settings > Branch Details.

  2. Make sure you have the TutorCruncher socket set up, in System > Settings > API.

  3. Go to System > Settings > Find a Tutor Details, enter your company details, price range and upload a logo. If you want to add your company details as soon as you have submitted the page, please select the ' Enroll with TutorCruncher Find a Tutor' checkbox.

Once you have saved this page, your company listing will appear on our website within 24 hours.

How many listings can I add to Find a Tutor?

You are able to add a listing to find a tutor for each Live Branch that you have. If you want to enable Find a Tutor on a branch, navigate to that branch using the top right-hand corner drop-down menu, go to System > Settings > Find a Tutor Details and set up your account.

How do I edit my business’ listing for Find a Tutor?

If you want to amend your Find a Tutor profile, go to System > Settings > Find a Tutor Details. Here you can edit all aspects of your company listing. Once you are happy with the changes you have made, save the page. Your updated company profile will appear on the Find a Tutor page within 24 hours.

How much does Find a Tutor cost?

Yes! Find a Tutor is a free listing service available to all TutorCruncher companies. If you want to be added to the listing service, go to System > Settings > Find a Tutor Details and enter your company details. Once you have saved them your details will appear on tutorcruncher.com/Find-a-Tutor within 24 hours.

Why can't I enable my Find a Tutor Listing?

If you are finding that the 'Enroll with TutorCruncher Find a Tutor' checkbox is blocked out, please make sure that you have done the following things:

  1. You are attempting this on your live company account, not on the demo branch (that contains the pre-prepared sample data)

  2. You have entered an Address and Zip Code/Post Code under System > Settings > Branch Details.

  3. You have set up the TutorCruncher socket within System > Settings > API.

If all of these things are entered into your system, and the issue persists please get in touch via email at [email protected] or by going to Support > Feedback and writing to our help team.

What happened to the company directory?

The TutorCruncher company directory has been replaced by the Find A Tutor listing service. To add your business go to System > Settings > Find a Tutor Details

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