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The Student user type is the recipient of your company's services - learn about creating and managing Student profiles here.

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Students are your end-users; they are the recipients of the services that your Tutors provide.

Students are often the children of Clients, they may also be pupils attending a Client institution or school. Fundamentally, a Student in TutorCruncher is whoever receives the tuition.

They could also be linked to multiple Client accounts if necessary, which enables the TutorCruncher system to direct the Student’s billing flow to one Client, while still providing information about the Student’s progress and attendance to both.

Students can be assigned to Jobs and Lessons. Their Student dashboard includes a Calendar of upcoming Jobs and past Jobs, alongside a record of their past Lesson Reports, uploaded Documents, past Lesson Recordings and access to any Integrations assigned to their Jobs. There is also an Edit button to edit their user information.

An example of a Student’s dashboard

An example of a Student’s dashboard.

Where can I find my Students?

Students can be individually searched for via the search bar, or a full list of your organisation’s Students can be found via People > Students. Navigating here will open the Students user list.

An example of a Students user list.

Here you can:

  • Create a new Student by selecting the Create New Student button (more on that below).

  • Use the Filter button to filter through the list of Students by their location. Creation date range, applied Labels, any Custom Fields you might have, their paying client or academic year. The more information there is filled in on a Student’s profile, the more effective this feature will be.

  • Once a filter has been applied, you can use the Email Students button to email any Students who match the criteria used in the filter. If no filter has been applied, then all listed Students will be emailed.

  • Use the ‘Label Filter’ dropdown menu to quickly filter out Students based on any Labels applied to their profile.

How do I create a new Student?

Simply navigate to People > Students and select Create New Student. This will open the Add Student page, wherein you can fill in the student’s details. Note that you will need to specify their assigned Client at this stage.

You can alternatively add the Student from a Client’s page by navigating to the Client’s profile and selecting the Add button on the Students panel - selecting this will open up the Create Student menu with some details already filled in with data from the Client’s profile.

When you create a Student profile and input an email address, that user will be sent a ‘Student Welcome Email’ instructing them to confirm their email address and set up a password to log in (note that you will need to have the ‘Student welcome email’ Email Definition enabled for this to happen). Once that’s been set up, they can log into your TutorCruncher platform via your secure URL.

How do I edit a Student’s profile?

To make adjustments to a Student's profile, navigate to the Student's profile and select Actions > Edit Profile. This will open the Edit Student menu, from which you can adjust the Student’s personal details, their address & contact details, and specify their paying Client. The Address & Contact Details tab also allows you to adjust the academic year of the Student, which will automatically move forward based on when the academic year commences in your company’s country.

An example of a Student profile.

Can I add a default charge rate to a Student?

Yes - default charge rates allow you to create a personalised charge rate assigned to a specific Student, meaning that whenever they are added to a Job, their default charge rate will be used instead of the Job’s default rate.

Default student rates can be enabled by navigating to your general accounting settings and toggling the ‘Default Student Rates’ checkbox. Once that’s done, navigate to the desired Student’s profile, select Actions > Edit Profile where you can specify the default charge rate under the Accounting tab.

What if one of my Students is also a Client?

In cases where the Client and Student are the same person, you can navigate to the Client’s profile and select Actions > Add as Student. This will create a Student profile with data filled in from the Client’s profile data - a useful feature for cases where the person responsible for paying for your Tutor’s services is also the person receiving those services, as is often the case with university Students.

Adding a Client as a Student.

Should you wish, you can separate these profiles into separate accounts with their own logins by selecting Actions > Split User - note that this option will only be visible for Clients who are also Students. The email will stay with the user’s original role, while the new role will have no email address.

Can a Student have multiple Clients associated with their profile?

Yes - within a Student’s profile page, you will find a panel titled ‘Associated Clients’ - this is a list of all Clients who are associated with this Student’s profile. Read more about Associated Clients here.

What is a ‘Paying Client?’

A Student’s paying Client is the main Client who is primarily responsible for paying Invoices or Credit Requests for Lessons a Student has taken/will take.

Can I change the Paying Client?

If there are no outstanding Invoices or Payment Orders associated with any Lessons a Student has taken, then you can change a Student’s paying Client by navigating to their profile before selecting Actions > Edit Profile and adjusting the Student’s ‘Paying Client’ by selecting a Client from the dropdown menu.

Changing a Student's Paying Client

Note: If there are outstanding Invoices or Payment Orders associated with the Student, then you will not be able to change the Student’s paying Client. This to avoid Clients inheriting bad debt when they become a paying Client. You will need to refund/credit any paid Invoices or void any raised Invoices in order to adjust the paying Client.

Can a Client edit a Student’s profile?

Whether or not Clients have this permission is your choice - you can enable this by navigating to your Branch Details and enabling the 'Clients can create their own Students' checkbox. With this enabled, your Clients can create and edit Student profiles from their Client dashboard - you can read more about that here.

Can I add my Student’s academic year to their profile?

Yes - to add a Student’s academic year, navigate to their profile and select Actions > Edit Profile. Expand the ‘Address & Contact Details’ tab where you can specify that Student’s academic year via the ‘Academic year’ dropdown menu.

Editing a Student’s profile, with the ‘Academic year’ dropdown menu highlighted.

The year will automatically move forward with the passing of each academic year - the day this rolls over depends on where your company account is based:

  • United Kingdom: 1st September

  • United States: 1st August

  • Australia: 30th December

  • Rest of the world: 1st September

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