Adding expenses as a tutor

Learn how to add expenses for non-lesson based charges linked to jobs

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N.B: Adding expenses will only be available if the company you are working with has enabled that for their account.

How to add an expense

You can add an expense to a lesson or job; which are generally used to claim money for travel, books etc.

Step by step process

  • On either a job’s or a lesson’s page, navigate to the Activity tab and then scroll down to 'Expenses'.

  • Fill in the description, date and amount. Select the category that reflects the type of expense you are entering, and select the relevant client, job and lesson (if applicable).

Specify your expense further and click 'Submit'.

Specify your expense further and click 'Submit'.

  • Once you click submit, the client will be charged when they are next invoiced, and you will receive the funds after that, providing the company agrees with your claim.

  • If you want to enter a document to substantiate the claim, you can go to the job and upload a document.

Upload a document to explain the expense you generated.

You can also view any expenses you have submitted from the Expenses section on the left-hand side of your TutorCruncher login.

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