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Clients Booking Lessons & Tutors
Clients Booking Lessons & Tutors

Learn about adjusting settings that relate to bookable Lessons and public Tutor listings.

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At TutorCruncher, we give Clients control over how they book their Lessons. When a Client logs in, they can either opt to choose from a series of pre-planned Lessons or they can request a specific Tutor.

The Clients Booking Lessons & Tutors panel can be found via System > Settings > People and Activity > Clients Booking Lessons & Tutors. Here you will find options to adjust all settings that pertain to Bookable Lessons and the Socket for Public Tutor Listings.

To set up bookable Lessons for Clients, follow these steps:

  1. Create the Job and apply the ‘Public Job’ Label to it.

  2. Ensure that the Job has Lessons that are planned into the future with available spaces.

  3. Ensure that the Lessons haven’t been marked as ‘Complete’ or ‘Cancelled’, and that the Job hasn’t been marked as ‘Finished’.

Once these steps have been completed, your Clients will be able to book these Lessons via the Book a Lesson tab on their Client dashboard.

Booking a Lesson.

Once a Client has assigned one of their attached Students to a Lesson, they will receive an email confirming this. The booked Lesson(s) will also appear in your Client’s Calendar, and they can access the Lesson details page from there, or request cancellation of the Lesson if they wish.

Note: The email used here is ‘Booked Lesson requested’ - you can edit the contents of that email by finding it in your Email Definitions.

What are ‘Available Spaces’ and ‘Max Students’?

Available Spaces/Max Students refer to how many Students are able to be present in one specific Lesson. If you wish to define this, then you can navigate to the desired Job before selecting Actions > Edit and adjusting the ‘Max Students’ number field found under the ‘More Settings’ tab. The number input here will be the default total number of Students which can appear on any given Lesson for this Job.

You can additionally edit the number of students on a Lesson by lesson basis. If you have set up the 'Max Students' on the Job, then when editing an individual Lesson you can configure the 'Max Students' for that Lesson alone.

Editing a Job’s Max Students.

How do I change the bookable Lesson’s colour as it appears on the Calendar?

The Job’s Calendar colour can be adjusted with the ‘Calendar Colour’ field found in the top right corner when editing a Job.

How do my Clients make Lesson bookings after logging into TutorCruncher?

There will be a ‘Book a Lesson’ tab on your Clients’ dashboard that they can select to book either a Lesson or a Tutor. Selecting ‘Book a Lesson’ will take them to the Bookable Lessons Calendar view, from where they can view all Lessons that are currently bookable on your TutorCruncher platform within a given week. The Client can select a Lesson to book it. use the arrows to navigate to between weeks and use the ‘Job’ filter to filter out Lessons by their Job.

An example of a Bookable Lessons Calendar view.

Once they have selected a Lesson, they will be able to confirm when the Lesson is due to take place, the total cost of the Lesson, and which of the Client’s Students will be attending.

Confirming a Lesson booking.

Once the Client has confirmed, the Lesson has been booked and will be viewable in their main Calendar view.

Can current and prospective Clients book Lessons via my website?

Yes - Clients (both current & unregistered) can still book Lessons or Tutors through your website via the TutorCruncher Socket.

Can my Clients book Tutors via TutorCruncher?

Your Clients can log in and book Tutors via TutorCruncher - to set this up, follow these steps:

  1. Enable ‘Client Books Public Tutors’ found within the Clients Booking Lessons & Tutors panel.

  2. You will then need to apply the ‘Public Profile’ Label to their profile,

  3. Set their future availability.

  4. You will then need to navigate to System > Settings > Approve Public Tutor Profiles and approve the Tutor's profile before they will become bookable.

Once those steps are completed, your Clients should be able to choose a Tutor via the ‘Book a Lesson’ tab on their dashboard. All of the Tutors who have the Public Profile Label applied with availability will be displayed to them.

Booking a Tutor.

Here your Clients can filter out the Tutors displayed here by their weekly availability and/or by their subject. They can select a Tutor by clicking View and book under their profile picture.

Booking a Tutor.

Here your Clients can view the Tutor’s skills and qualification levels, alongside any Custom Fields you might have that are applied to Tutor profiles that are Client accessible. They can click Book a Lesson to select a slot from the Tutor’s availability.

Once booked, the Lesson will appear in the Client’s main Calendar, where they can view the Lesson’s details at a glance, or cancel the Lesson if needed. You or the Tutor will be able to accept or decline the booking.

Who is notified when one of my Clients books a Lesson/Tutor?

Both you and the Tutor are notified of a Client Tutor request via the ‘Client booked Lesson notification’ Email Definition. Your Clients are similarly notified via Email Definitions whenever their booking is either confirmed or declined.

Viewing a booked Lesson request.

Can my Clients book Tutors via my website?

Yes - this is done via the TutorCruncher Socket for public Tutor listings.

Can I add a Custom Field to my bookable Lessons?

By default, bookable Lessons slots as they appear in the Calendar will show your Clients the date, time, price and the number of available spaces. If you want to add additional information, such as the name of the Tutor who will be teaching the Lesson, you can do so using Custom Fields.

  1. Add a Custom Field that applies to Jobs, and make sure that the Client Access checkbox is ticked.

  2. If you now edit one of your Public Jobs, you can see the Custom Field that you’ve just created under 'Extra Fields'.

  3. Enter the information that you want to be displayed on your Lessons (in that Job) in the Custom Field, and click Save.

  4. After following these steps, you should see that the Custom Field is viewable on the bookable Lesson. Keep in mind that it might take a couple of minutes before you can see the changes in the Appointment Booking Socket on your website.

How do I enable public Tutor profiles to be displayed on my website?

Simply enable the ‘Public Tutor profiles’ checkbox to generate public profiles for your Tutors accessible via Socket and the API. Once that’s done, any Tutors with the ‘Public Profile’ Label will appear in your Approve Public Tutor Profiles page to be approved before being displayed on your website.

Can I specify how much notice a Client has to give me before cancelling a Lesson?

You can set the amount of notice (in hours) a Client has to give before cancelling a Lesson via the ‘Lesson late cancellation notice’ number field. If they give less notice than the value set here, then their Lesson will be liable to be ‘cancelled but still chargeable’.

Can I allow my Clients to book my publicly listed Tutors?

Yes - this can be enabled via the ‘Clients book Public Tutors’ checkbox. Enabling this option will allow your Clients to book any of your Tutors with the ‘Public Profile’ Label assigned to them within their set availability. Read more about Client Lesson booking here.

Can I specify how much time before a Lesson is due to take place that a Client can book a Lesson?

Yes - simply specify the amount of hours for this via the ‘Lesson booking time threshold’ number field. If a Lesson marked as ‘Pending’ has not been confirmed by this time, then it will automatically be cancelled.

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