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TutorCruncher's SMS integration allows you to send customisable text messages directly to a user's mobile phone when a certain action is triggered. By saving a user's mobile phone number on their profile, you can automatically have SMS reminders go out to your users from your company.

How much does it cost to send SMS notifications?

SMS pricing varies from country-to-country. To see the price per SMS that will apply to you, look for your country in the list here on our SMS pricing page.

How do I set up SMS notifications?

If you would like to enable the SMS notifications service for your company, please get in touch with our support team using the in-app chat or by emailing support@tutorcruncher.com

What SMS Notifications can I send?

In order to view all the different types of SMS Notifications that you can send out to your users, you can navigate to System > Settings > Communication Settings > SMS Definitions. When a specific trigger is actioned, the relevant SMS Definition will be sent out to the relevant recipient(s).

What SMS Definitions are available to me?

We have a set number of templates for each of the automated SMS that TutorCruncher sends out to your users, divided into categories. You can customise them to your liking by editing their content, turning them off or on, and more.

Please note that SMS Definitions remain inactive by default. You would be required to enable and edit them individually in order to begin sending.

How do I edit an SMS Definition?

You can edit an SMS Definition by navigating to System > Settings > Communication Settings > SMS Definitions. You are able to set this to sending and edit the content of this message. In SMS Definitions, there are some words enclosed in curly brackets, for example {{ amount }}. These are your company's Variables. These allow the system to pull information from your account and put that into the message.

In this case: the amount refers to the amount of the invoice. You can add or remove variables from these SMS Definitions.

Please note that 1 SMS is 140 characters long, so if your SMS exceeds this length, you will send, and therefore pay for, multiple messages. This can also occur if your Variables get a long value with many characters, for example, {{ Company Address }}.

Earlier, you could navigate to System > Settings > Communication Settings > SMS Definitions where you could edit your Branch SMS Name which would then appear as the name of the sender of each SMS Notification that you send. However, this has now been discontinued.

How can I see my sent SMSs?

You can access all of your company's sent SMS Notifications by heading to Communications > Outbound SMSs.

You can also search particular SMSs by using the search box at the top of the page.

How do I verify a mobile phone number for SMS Notifications?

When you save a user's mobile number on their profile, TutorCruncher will check whether this is a valid number for sending SMS. If it is, this mobile number will be displayed with a ✓ next to it, meaning the number can receive SMS Notifications.

The correct number format relates to where your company branch is located, for example, if your company branch were based in the UK, your mobile phone number for UK recipients would start with a 0. However, if the recipient were based outside of the UK you would need to include the international extension in place of 0.

Approve your users to receive SMS Notifications by inputting their mobile number in the appropriate format.

Make sure that you approve your users to receive SMS Notifications by inputting their mobile number in the appropriate format.

I have some international clients that I want to send SMS notifications to, do I have to add their countries prefix on to their mobile number?

TutorCruncher has got you covered when it comes to sending SMS notifications to your international clients, so there’s no need to add a prefix onto their number. Just make sure that you set the correct country on their profile & we’ll do the rest!

How do I stop someone from receiving SMS Notifications?

On a user's profile, you can check or uncheck the 'Receive SMSs' option on a user by user basis.

How do I pay for SMS?

Depending on the number of SMSs you send out in a month, we will be adding the total cost of that to your monthly invoice.

Why is there an SMS cap?

We have an SMS spending cap in place so users are aware that they have hit their threshold for sending out SMS notifications. You could be liable to be charged an additional fee if you were to go over this cap, so we have this in place to stop that from happening.

If you want to have that cap increased, please get in touch with our support team using the in-app chat or by emailing support@tutorcruncher.com.

When can I raise my SMS cap?

We understand that you wish to keep your clients up to date via email and SMS notifications, so when it comes to increasing your SMS cap, we raise this incrementally at the beginning of each month as and when requested. We won’t want you to incur unnecessary charges, so we increase this gradually to see what cap works best for your agency.

Can I set up my number to receive replies to the SMS notifications I send out?

Unfortunately, you cannot assign a mobile number to your TutorCruncher account to receive replies to automated SMS notifications.

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