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Outbound Emails

Learn about tracking the communications sent to your users via TutorCruncher here.

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TutorCruncher tracks all email communications sent out to your users via TutorCruncher in the Outbound Emails page.

The Outbound Emails page (found via Communications > Outbound Emails) contains a list of all emails sent to your users via TutorCruncher. These emails could include welcome emails, payment requests, low balance notifications, or any of the other various email types listed within your Email Definitions.

The list has columns for the user receiving the email, the email’s subject, the time the email was sent, and the email’s status (whether it was sent successfully, or was rejected or bounced). The page also contains a search bar, from which you can search for emails by their subject title or content.

An example of an Outbound Emails page.

Any users, whether they are Clients, Administrators, Students, Tutors or Affiliates, can receive emails via TutorCruncher. Simply navigate to the user’s profile, select their ‘Communications’ tab and click Send email before choosing ‘Send one off email’ from the dropdown menu.

Sending a one off email to a Client.

This will open the ‘Send Email’ panel, from where you can compose the email’s main body using Markdown - you can also specify an Email Style here too. These are the dynamic variables you can call into this email:

Variable Name


###{{ login_link }}

Full login link.

###{{ pretty_login_link }}

Simplified login link with 'https://' and trailing slash removed.

###{{ company_name }}

The name of your company.

###{{ recipient_name }}

The name of the person receiving the email.

###{{ recipient_first_name }}

The first name of the person receiving the email.

###{{ recipient_last_name }}

The surname of the person receiving the email.

All emails sent this way will be recorded in Outbound Emails.

Why is the ‘send email’ button greyed out?

This will be the case either if the user has not got an email address linked to their TutorCruncher profile, or if they have asked to not receive any emails.

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