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Android and iOS mobile support

You join with video on mobile. This means you can see/send video, and also see screen shares.

  • Click the meeting link in iOS Safari or Android Chrome. Make sure to use the right browser for your type of device.

  • Click the green button, Join on your phone

  • You can chat

  • See screen shares. (You can see screen shares, but not screen share from your phone.)

  • You can create meeting links in your dashboard

Unblock your Android cam or mic

  • To the right of the Chrome address bar, tap More > Settings

  • Select Advanced > Site Settings

  • Update settings for TutorCruncher Video links

Use Safari on iPad or iPhone

Use Safari, to join your video call on your iPad or iOS. (This is because of how Apple designs its mobile browsers.)

  1. Copy your meeting link.
    Tip: If you used Chrome or Firefox on iOS, a screen message asked you to use Safari. Click the green Copy button, to copy your meeting link to your clipboard

  2. Open Safari. Paste the link into the website address bar.
    Tip: To paste a link you copied, hold down your finger in the website bar. Your iPhone shows a Paste option.

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