Guides on how to use the User features on TutorCruncher

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How does the Tutor Application Process work in TutorCruncher

Learn how TutorCruncher can make it easier to process tutor applications, and how it can streamline tutor-student matching.

How does a Tutor profile work in TutorCruncher

Understand everything you need to know about TutorCruncher's tutor profiles, by watching this quick video.

How does TutorCruncher's Import function work

Watch this video to learn more about the bulk import options for adding users to your system.

How to create a new Tutor profile in TutorCruncher

Find out how you can create a Tutor profile within TutorCruncher.

Tutor Login Feature Crunch

The TutorCruncher system creates unique logins for each of your users (if you want!). Learn more about how this works.

How to add a new Student in TutorCruncher

Find out the basics of how you can create and edit a student profile.

How to add a new Client in TutorCruncher

Learn the basics on how you can create client profiles within TutorCruncher.

How to create and use Affiliates

Find out how you can create & assign an affiliate to a lesson.

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