Here you can find videos explaining how accounting works here at TutorCruncher
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An Introduction to TutorCruncher's Pay Runs

Understand how to pay your tutors using TutorCruncher's Pay Runs feature.

How to create a credit request and top-up a client's account in TutorCruncher?

Learn how to take upfront payment in TutorCruncher and how to directly add money to a clients account.

How to use TutorCruncher Subscriptions?

Understand how TutorCruncher allows you to take recurring payments from your clients, using our subscription feature.

How do Invoice Reminders work in TutorCruncher

This video will help you learn more about the invoice reminder process within TutorCruncher, and how the system can help you make sure you never miss an invoice payment again.

How to make a balance adjustment in TutorCruncher

Learn more about how you can manually update client balances.

How to create an Ad Hoc Charge in TutorCruncher

The TutorCruncher AdHoc charge feature allows you to take one time payments from clients to cover sign-up fees or to pay for Tutor expenses. Learn more about how this feature works by watching our help video.

How does Automatically Mark Invoices as Paid work in TutorCruncher

Learn more about how TutorCruncher makes keeping on top of client credit easier with our 'Automatically Mark Invoice as Paid' feature.

How to invoice ahead of time in TutorCruncher

Understand how TutorCruncher can help you take payments up-front using our Credit Request feature.

Automatic Charging Feature Crunch

Learn about automatic charging using this easy step-by-step video guide.

How to void an Invoice and Payment Order in TutorCruncher

Have you accidentally marked an invoice or payment order paid you shouldn't have? Follow our step-by-step guide to learn how to void items within the TutorCruncher system.

How to generate Payment Orders in TutorCruncher

Get to grips with the basics of Tutor payments within TutorCruncher.

How to generate Invoices in TutorCruncher

Our step-by-step guide takes you through the basics of arrears payments within TutorCruncher.

How to create a Credit Request from a Job in TutorCruncher

Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how you can take upfront payments based on jobs.

How to set up and take Direct Debit payments in TutorCruncher

Get an introduction to Direct Debit payments within TutorCruncher and learn how to set them up.

How to automatically mark Credit Requests as paid

Learn how you can mark credit requests as paid against a client's available credit.

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