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Find out how to adjust your branch-wide accounting settings here.

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The general accounting settings panel is the menu that covers all branch-wide settings and preferences pertaining to your accounting. It is found via System > Settings > Accounting Settings > General.

How do I change my VAT/Tax number?

Simply input the number into the ‘VAT/Tax Number’ field.

What are my default sales codes?

Your default sales codes refer to the Sales Code Group that is used by TutorCruncher as default when setting up a Job; if you were to leave that field blank, these are the sales codes that would be used.

How do I enable Employment Agency settings?

Simply enable the ‘Operate as an Employment Agency’ checkbox to enable this functionality. Note that you will need to be based in the UK and set up with New Stripe for this checkbox to appear on this panel.

Once this has been enabled, you will be further asked if you will be operating as an employment agency with each Client - if this is set to ‘True’, then the default setting for all Clients on your branch will be for Employment Agency billing.

Read more about operating as an Employment Agency here.

How do I specify a default pay/charge rate to my Tutors/Students?

You can specify a default hourly/per-Lesson pay rate for Tutors on a Job via the ‘Default Pay Rate’ field.

A default hourly/per-Lesson charge rate for your Clients can similarly be specified via the ‘Default Charge Rate’ field.

How do I attach PDFs to my payment request emails?

Simply enable the ‘Attach Invoices and Credit Request PDFs to Payment Request emails’ checkbox to send an itemised Invoice/Credit Request in PDF format alongside your payment request Email Definition.

How do I enable Pay Runs?

Simply enable the ‘Use Pay Runs’ checkbox to enable Pay Run functionality allowing you to pay your TutorsPayment Orders in bulk.

Read more about Pay Runs here.

How do I ignore Lessons with a charge rate of zero on my Invoices/Payment Orders?

To prevent Lessons with a charge rate of zero from appearing on Invoices/Payment Orders, simply enable the ‘Ignore Free Lessons’ checkbox.

How do I automatically mark Invoices/Credit Requests as paid?

To enable automatic Invoice/Credit Request payment from existing balance credit and new payments, simply enable the ‘Automatically mark Invoices paid’ and ‘Automatically mark Credit Requests paid’ respectively.

Note: This will affect the Invoice/Credit Request that your Clients receive.

How do I enable automatic charging for my Invoices?

If you would like payment to be automatically made from a Client’s account after a certain amount of time, simply enable the ‘Auto Charge’ checkbox. Your Clients will need to have a valid debit/credit card attached to their account for this to work.

You can specify the number of days that the automatic charge is made either after an auto charge Invoice is raised or after using the Take Deferred Payment button on an Invoice via the ‘Auto charge and deferred payment delay’ number field.

Note: This only applies to card payments - Direct Debit payments are automatically taken after five days, which is set by GoCardless.

How do I automatically raise Invoices when a Lesson is marked as ‘Complete’?

Simply enable the ‘Auto Invoice’ checkbox. For more information about automatic invoicing, see here:

How do I automatically send out Invoice reminders?

Simply enable the ‘Automatic Invoice Reminders’ checkbox to have reminders automatically sent out via email after a specified number of days following the raising of an Invoice or the failure of an automated payment.

The number of days the automatic Invoice reminder is sent out after can be specified via the ‘Automatic Invoice Reminders Delay’ field.

Can I split Invoices per Student?

Invoices can be split into a page per Student via the ‘Split Invoices by Student’ field.

How do I change the starting ID number for my Invoices/Credit Requests/Payment Orders?

Accounting items like Invoices, Credit Requests and Payment Orders all have ID numbers attached to them. By default, this number starts at 1 (so the first Invoice you raise would have INV-1 as its ID).

If you would like to change this initial starting value, you can do so by entering your desired number value into the ‘Start ID’ fields.

Note: This will have no effect if you specify an ID number that has a lower value than an already existing ID number for a raised Invoice/Credit Request/Payment Order.

Can I charge Clients in other currencies?

Yes, simply enable the ‘Charge Clients in other currencies’ checkbox to allow Ad Hoc Charges to be raised in currencies other than your branch default.

How do I enable paying via bank transfer for my Clients?

Simply enable the ‘By default, Clients are allowed to pay by Bank Transfer’ checkbox to enable your Clients to pay their Invoices via bank transfer. Read more about that here.

Note: This functionality currently only works for companies based in the United Kingdom.

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