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Setting up Custom Domains
Setting up Custom Domains

Learn how to set up you own custom domain for your TutorCruncher account

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What is a Custom Domain?

Custom Domains are a great way of building a brand. Not only does it enforce your agency's presence, but it also adds a sense of professionalism as well. Clients will no longer have to worry about accessing different URLs, making it easier for visitors to find you on the web.

How much does a Custom Domain cost?

Adding a custom domain to your TutorCruncher account will be an additional £75 per month ($100 USD).

What are the steps to set up a custom domain for my company?

The first thing you will need to do is set up CloudFlare as your DNS. Setting up CloudFlare is easy, and, best of all, free! CloudFlare also offers features that will benefit your website, including much faster performance, security to prevent brute force and DDoS attacks, better site reliability and analytics for monitoring performance.

Switching from your current DNS is easy, just follow the instructions here:

Add a CNAME record to CloudFlare

Once logged into your CloudFlare account, select the DNS tab, then fill the fields as shown below and click add.

Set CloudFlare up with TutorCruncher.

The fields should be filled as follows:

type:        CNAME 
name: app
domain name:
proxy: enabled (eg. the yellow cloud)

Email us!

Once you have done that, you can email to ask us to enable this feature.

What would a custom domain look like?

A custom domain would show your own agencies web address in the URL field. Here is an example of that using our Dino Tutors agency.

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