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Note: This article covers making changes to your personal TutorCruncher user profile account, not the overall account your company uses to run TutorCruncher. For information on how to edit company-wide account information, see here.

The Account page is where you can find all information pertaining to your account. Within this page, you can edit your profile, change your password, enable/disable multi-factor authentication, connect your account to Facebook, customise your dashboard and request account erasure.

An example of an Account page.

You can find this page by navigating to the top right-hand side of your Dashboard, clicking on your profile picture icon and choosing 'Account' from the dropdown menu.

Navigating to the account page from the Dashboard.

Here you can:

  • Use the Change Password button to change your password. It is recommended to change your password at regular intervals for security reasons. Please note that you will be asked to sign in again once you change your password.

  • Use the Enable Multi-Factor Authentication button to enable multi-factor authentication on your account. With this enabled, whenever you log in - you will be asked to enter your email address and password. In addition to this, you will be asked to enter a six-digit numeric code which will be shown to you in your mobile authenticator app. The purpose of this is to keep your account secure enough so that even if you lose your password, your account still isn't compromised as long as you control access to the MFA code.

  • Use the Associate account with Google button to link your TutorCruncher account to Google.

  • Use the Associate account with Facebook button to link your TutorCruncher account to Facebook..

  • Use the Configure Dashboard button to customise the information shown on your dashboard. Read more about that here.

  • Use the Request Account Erasure button to send a request to all Administrators on your platform to delete your user account. Note that this does not delete your company’s account with TutorCruncher.

You can additionally edit your profile information and choose email notifications you would or wouldn’t like to receive.

Toggling email notifications.

How do I remove my personal data from TutorCruncher?

If you wish to delete your user account and erase all data associated with your profile, then you can request to have your account erased.

To do this, you need to first go to the top right-hand side of the page, click on your profile and choose 'Account' from the dropdown menu.

Once you open this tab, you will be redirected to a page which will allow you to edit your profile and your account settings. If you wish to delete your account with an agency and all of the data associated with it, then you can do this by clicking the Request Account Erasure button at the top of the page.

Request Account Erasure button.

A pop-up box will show up, giving you the opportunity to add further comments and include details on why you wish to delete your details from the system.

Once you're happy with these details, click Save and the request will be forwarded to the tutoring agency and your profile along with all of its data will be removed from the system.

Request Account Erasure for other users.

Additionally, if you are deleting your Administrator account, there will be a message along with the pop up stating that this will only delete your user account.

Request Account Erasure for Administrators.

Note: This does not delete your company's account with TutorCruncher. If you wish to do that, navigate to System > Billing and select Terminate Company Account.

How does TutorCruncher store data?

TutorCruncher securely stores its data on Heroku Servers based in Dublin, Ireland. These servers are hosted on Amazon Web Service (AWS). TutorCruncher is both ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus certified (read more about those certifications here).

We take precautions including organisational, technical and physical measures to help safeguard the Personal Data we process or use. While we follow accepted standards to protect personal data, no method of storage or transmission is 100% secure. You are solely responsible for protecting your password, limiting access to your devices, and signing out of websites after your sessions.

TutorCruncher is rigorously assessed every three years by CREST.

How do I enable/disable MFA on my account?

To enable MFA:

  1. Select the Enable Multi-Factor Authentication button on your Account page.

  2. Download a mobile authentication app (we recommend using either Authy, Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator).

  3. Use the authentication app to scan the QR code presented to you in the 'Enable Multi-Factor Authentication' panel, or manually enter the code displayed below it.

  4. Enter you password and the six digit code from the app and click Enable.

  5. MFA has now been enabled.

To disable MFA:

  1. Within your Account page, select the Disable Multi-Factor Authentication button.

  2. Enter your password and the six digit code from the app and click Disable.

Note: You can also disable MFA for another user by navigating to their profile in TutorCruncher and selecting Disable Multi-Factor Authentication. An Administrator can disable MFA for any user except for another Administrator. Only Administrators with the "Owner" permission can change the MFA setup for another Administrator.

How do I change my password?

Simply click the Change Password button in your Account page. This will open the 'Change password' panel, from where you will be prompted to enter and confirm a new password. You will also need to input your old password in order to change it. Clicking Submit will sign you out of TutorCruncher; you will need to log back in with the new password.

I've forgotten my password, what can I do?

To reset your password:

  1. Navigate to your company's login page and select Reset Password.

  2. Input your email address and click Reset.

  3. If your email address is valid, you will receive a link to reset your password.

Failing that, it's worth checking your junk/spam folder. You could also request an Administrator at your company to resend you a welcome email to reset your password.

How do I log into a different agency from the one I'm currently logged into?

If you're an Administrator across multiple agencies, then logging into will log you into the last company you were logged into.

To log into a different one, you will need to ensure you're using the correct secure URL - it should look like this:

Note: If you don't know the secure URL, an Administrator at that company can retrieve it from System > Settings > Company Details > Branch Details.

What can I do if one of my users did not receive a password reset email?

Navigate to their user profile and open the 'Activity' tab - in the 'Activity Feed' panel, there should be an entry for 'Requested a password reset' - if there is not, then it's possible they input an incorrect email address.

If there was, open the 'Communications' tab to verify whether the password reset email was sent.

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