Whiteboard Integration and Jobs
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How do I access the Online Whiteboard?

The online whiteboard can be accessed by clicking the Online whiteboard in the left-hand menu.

If a tutor has an upcoming online session, they can access the whiteboard from their dashboard. Students too can see their upcoming session on their TutorCruncher dashboard. Online whiteboard can also be accessed directly from lesson reminders.

How do I choose my whiteboard integration on a job?

You can select which Online Integration you want to use on a job-by-job basis. Once you have created a job, you can select which whiteboard you would like to use, by clicking the Online Integration button.

How do I select my default whiteboard integration?

If your system is integrated with multiple online whiteboards you have the ability to select a default online integration under the System > Settings > Activity.

Can I use different whiteboards for different lessons?

When you select and assign a whiteboard integration to a job, that whiteboard will be assigned to all future planned lessons. You can decide to change the integration for any planned lessons, however, you cannot assign a different whiteboard to individual lessons.

Does an online whiteboard come free with my TutorCruncher account?

The whiteboard integrations within TutorCruncher do not come free with your TutorCruncher subscription. To find out more about their pricing, you can go to System > Settings > Online Integrations, select the whiteboard you are interested in using and click the ‘Pricing’ button.

If you are choosing to use a paid whiteboard service, these charges will have to be paid directly to the whiteboard provider, and not through TutorCruncher.

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