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Learn how to record and view your Lesson recordings from TutorCruncher Video here.

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Note: This article is intended for Lesson recording with TutorCruncher Video.

Within TutorCruncher, we have a built-in online whiteboard integration called TutorCruncher Video that works natively with the platform and allows you to record Lessons and save them to your TutorCruncher platform.

You can record Lessons using TutorCruncher Video by following these steps:

  1. Integrate TutorCruncher Video in your branch settings.

  2. Decide whether or not to have Lesson recording enabled by default - this can be done by navigating to System > Settings > Integrations > Online Integrations. From here, select TutorCruncher Video to open up the TutorCruncher Video panel, and select Settings - from here, you can toggle Enable Lesson Recording by Default towards the bottom of the Edit Online Integration panel.

    The TutorCruncher Video panel, with the Settings button highlighted.

  3. Now that you’re integrated, you can add TutorCruncher Video to your Jobs - simply navigate to an already-existing Job or create a new one. From the Job’s main page, selecting Actions > Select Online Integration. This will open the Set Online Integration panel, from where you can choose TutorCruncher Video as your integration. Selecting this option will reveal a toggle for whether or not you want to enable Lesson recordings for Lessons on that Job.

    The Set Online Integration panel.

I’ve recorded a Lesson using TutorCruncher Video; where can I view the recording?

Lesson recordings can be viewed by navigating to the Lesson that was recorded, and selecting the Activity tab - from here the recording will be available for download from the Lesson Recordings panel.

An example of a Lesson’s Activity tab, with the Lesson Recordings panel highlighted.

Where can I view all of my Lesson recordings in one place?

The Lesson Recordings page contains a list of all of your Lesson recordings. It can be found via Activity > Lesson Recordings. You can also filter out the list using the Filter button, where you can filter out Lesson recordings by which users were attached to that Job, or by date.

Note that any user that was involved in a given Lesson will be able to navigate to this page and view any Lessons they were attached to.

Why are my Lesson recordings not showing in the Lesson Recordings page?

It can take some time (usually a matter of minutes) for these Lesson recordings to be rendered and uploaded to the Lesson Recordings page.

Who has control over whether Lesson recordings are enabled?

Only Administrators have control over this; Tutors have no control over whether or not Lessons are recorded or not. However, they will be able to see that a Lesson is being recorded.

How much does it cost to use Lesson recording with TutorCruncher Video?

There are two charges for Lesson recordings with TutorCruncher Video (charges are per-minute):

  • Charges for Lesson recordings: £0.024 / $0.03 (USD) / €0.0285

  • Charges for Lesson recording storage*: £0.0064 / $0.008 (USD) / €0.0076

TutorCruncher Video charges can be viewed by navigating to System > Billing.

*Each month, we calculate your storage fee by considering the total number of minutes in your stored video recordings as of the end of that month.

For example, if a video was stored on August 1st or August 31st, in both cases, it will be considered as being stored for the entire month of August. The calculation for your storage fee is done at the end of the last day of each month.

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