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View all of the lessons in your branch & filter by specific ones using the Lesson List

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What is the lesson list?

The lesson list is a way of viewing all planned, complete, cancelled, awaiting report, and cancelled but chargeable lessons. The lesson list shows basic information for each lesson including, lesson name, start time, tutor, and student. The lesson list can be found by going to Activity > Calendar > View on List and is also used when 'Show All' is displayed on the list of a lesson on the job details page or user profile pages.

Lesson List

How do I filter on the lesson list?

You can filter the lesson list by clicking the 'Filter' button above the list. You can filter the list by the tutor, client, student, service, location, and a date range. You can even show any deleted lessons by checking the 'Show deleted' option. Once you've filled out your required filters, click 'Filter' and the list of lessons will be filtered to your options.

How do I view the filtered list on the calendar?

When filtering on the lesson list, if you would like to view the filtered lesson on your calendar, simply click the 'View on Calendar' button, which will take you and your filtered lesson to the calendar. If you enter or change any filters on the calendar and would like to view them on the lesson list, simply click the 'View on List' button and all filtered lessons will appear.

How do I send a lesson schedule?

If you want to send your clients a detailed list of their upcoming lessons, then you can send them a lesson schedule. The first step is to make sure that the email definition for 'Send Lesson Schedule' is enabled. You can check this by going to System > Settings > Communication Settings > Email Definitions. Next, you will want to navigate to your lesson list view. Select the 'Filter' tab, and choose what client you want to filter those lessons for. Once those lessons are filtered for the client, click 'Send to client'. This will then automatically send that user a detailed lesson schedule.

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