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Learn about how TutorCruncher Calendar works here.

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The Calendar is a way of visualising your company’s Tutors’ schedules in a traditional calendar format. It can be used to create new Lessons, map out your Tutor’s availability throughout the week and can be integrated with popular calendar platforms, such as Google or Apple Calendar. The Calendar page contains powerful filtering tools that allow you to filter out Lessons with precision, such as filtering out by Invoice status or by Lesson Status.

The Calendar can be found via Activity > Calendar.

An example of a Calendar.

The Calendar can be used to intuitively reschedule your Lessons - simply use your mouse to drag and drop the Lesson into a different slot to change the date/time of the Lesson without having to navigate to that Lesson’s page - the system will automatically update the Lesson’s details to reflect the changes you have made. You can also switch between Month/Week/Day views for finer tuning.

The Calendar can also be used to create new Lessons - from the Calendar page, select Add New Lesson at the top of the screen. This will open the 'Add Lesson' panel, from where you will need to specify which Job the new Lesson will be associated with.

Clicking Create New Lesson will bring you to the Create Lesson page, where you can fill in the Lesson’s details in the usual way. Once the Lesson has been recorded/created you will be redirected to the Lesson’s page, and the Lesson will be visible on its designated slot within the Calendar when you return there.

How do I integrate my TutorCruncher Calendar with other calendar platforms?

To integrate your TutorCruncher calendar with other calendar platforms, you’ll first need your iCal URL. You can find this via the iCal feed button at the top of the Calendar page:

An example of a Calendar in Week view, with the iCal feed button highlighted.

Integrating with Google Calendar:

  1. Within Google Calendar, select the + icon next to 'Other Calendars' on the sidebar before selecting 'From URL'

  2. Enter the web address of the Calendar listed on the TutorCruncher iCal feed page, then Add Calendar.

Integrating with Apple Calendar:

To subscribe to your TutorCruncher Calendar on your apple Calendar, open the Calendar app on your Apple device and follow these steps:

  1. In Calendar, select File > New Calendar Subscription.

  2. Enter the web address of the Calendar listed on the TutorCruncher iCal feed page, and then click Subscribe.

  3. Give the Calendar a name using the Name field and choose a colour from the adjacent pop-up menu.

    1. If you have an iCloud account, choose whether you want the Calendar on that account.

    2. To view a subscription Calendar in Calendar on your Mac and on devices with iOS 5 or later without resubscribing to it, choose your iCloud account.

    3. To get the Calendar’s event attachments or alerts, deselect the appropriate Remove checkboxes.

    4. To update your copy of the Calendar when changes to it are published, choose the update frequency from the “Auto-refresh” pop-up menu.

  4. Click OK - to make changes to the Calendar, select the name of the Calendar, then Edit > Get Info.

Can the Calendar be used to show my Tutors’ availability?

Yes - selecting the Tutor Availability button will change the Calendar view to reflect your Tutors’ availability - the system will calculate the Tutor’s availability based on any Lessons they have been booked onto, and any time slots the Tutor themselves have marked as being available/unavailable. You can view the availability of a specific Tutor using the Tutor Filter dropdown menu. Note that if the Tutor has not specified their availability, the system will assume that they are available at all times.

The Calendar showing Tutor availability.

Can I view all of my Lessons in a list?

Lessons can be viewed in a list instead of a calendar grid by selecting View in List from the Calendar page. This will take you to a list of all of the Lessons on your branch.

The Lesson list page found via the Calendar.

Here you can:

  • Use the Add New Lesson button to add a new Lesson to a Job.

  • Use the View on Calendar button to revert back to the Calendar view.

  • Use the Filter button to filter out the Lesson list.

  • Once the Lesson list has been filtered, you can use the Sent to Client button to send a schedule of their upcoming Lessons. You will need to have the ‘Send Lesson Schedule’ Email Definition enabled for this to work.

Do other user types have a Calendar?

Yes - Tutors, Clients and Students also have access to the same Calendar, which will show them their own schedules.

Can I view all Lessons across multiple branches?

If you have multiple branches in your company and would like to view all Lessons throughout, you can do so by selecting the ‘Full Company View’ checkbox.

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