Use Analytics to view a detailed breakdown of your agency's revenue over a time period

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Where can I view analytics, and breakdown of my company's earnings?

If you want to see a detailed breakdown of your agency's revenue over a certain period, then you can use TutorCrunchers built-in analytics system by navigating to the 'Analytics' tab on the left-hand side of your dashboard. This section will give you a detailed breakdown of your agency's income, client spend, lesson hours, as well a the activity on your branch.

How is Income Breakdown calculated?

Income breakdown is based on the total sum of invoices that have been sent. If there are any draft invoices, the system will assume that they will be sent on the same day, so those figures will be taken into account. You have the option of filtering by your different users, as well as subjects, qualification levels, and ad hoc charge categories.



Your branch's income is also broken down into subcategories, which allows you to filter the different revenue streams at a glance. These include:

Gross Income: This is the sum of all revenue that is earned for your branch.

Tutor Income: This is the sum that has been paid to your tutors for completed lessons.

Affiliate Commission: The total commission paid to affiliates

Branch Tax: The amount of tax that has been charged from the branch.

Branch Net: The total sum after-tax & payroll has been paid.

How is Income Over Time calculated?

Income over time allows you to see your branch's revenue using different intervals. You can also filter by different client managers. This is broken down into two sections, which includes ‘Activity Date’ as well as ‘Invoice Date’.



Activity Date: These figures are based on the dates of any completed lessons, as well as any Ad Hoc Charges. The revenue snapshot on your dashboard is based on the gross income from income over time.

Invoice Date: All figures here are based on Invoices, and dates refer to the invoice's "date sent". Draft invoices are included in this, as TutorCruncher assumes these will be sent on the same day.

What is client spend?

Client spend will show you how much revenue you have received from clients over a time period. This is broken down into ‘Charge Dates’ as well as ‘Payment Dates’. The charge date refers to when a payment request was sent to the client, while the payment date is when payment was received. You can also arrange the columns to show which of your clients have spent the most during a certain time period.



What are lesson hours?

Lesson hours will show you the total number of lessons that a user has received. These could be planned, as well as completed. You have the option of filtering by the tutor, client, as well as the student. This information is broken down into how many lessons have been allocated to a user, and the number of hours that the user has received.



If a lesson is marked as cancelled but chargeable, will those lesson hours still be recorded?

Yes, TutorCruncher will still record the duration of the lesson, even if it has been marked as ‘Cancelled But Chargeable’.

How can I view the activity on my branch?

If you want to view certain actions that have taken place on your branch, then you can use the ‘Activity’ section. Here, you can select an action and filter by an interval as well as a date range. You can view how many times a certain action has happened over a time period, whether it’s users agreeing to terms and conditions, or whether it’s the generating invoices and payment orders.

Where can I see the Revenue Snapshot?

The Revenue Snapshot can be found by navigating to the 'Overview' section in your Analytics. Here, you can view how much has been invoiced for the year, as well as the next Stripe Payout date.

How is the revenue in the Revenue Snapshot calculated?

The figure that is shown in the Revenue Snapshot on your dashboard is calculated by the total of completed lessons, as well as any ad hoc charges. TutorCruncher uses accrual accounting, meaning revenue or expenses are recorded when a transaction occurs, rather than when payment is received or made. You can view these figures in your analytics by going to ‘Income Over Time’, and choosing ‘Activity Dates’. Make sure that all invoices are generated and up to date to get an accurate figure for ‘Gross Income’.

Can I export the information in Analytics?

Yes, you can export the information that is shown in Analytics. To do this, click the ‘CSV Export’ tab under the graph. This will create a CSV download of the information that is shown on the graph.

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