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Income Breakdown
Income Breakdown

Learn about the Income Breakdown page here.

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You can track the total sum of Invoices sent along various metrics via the Income Breakdown page.

The Income Breakdown page is found via Analytics > Income Breakdown and contains a detailed breakdown of your organisation’s per-Client revenue over a certain period of time, visualised using a simple bar chart. Here you can use the date filter to specify a date range for the income breakdown, or use the CSV Export button to export a CSV containing the data shown in the income breakdown.

An example of an Income Breakdown page.

Your income breakdown is calculated on the total sum of any Invoices or Ad Hoc Charges that have been sent. If there are any draft Invoices, TutorCruncher will assume that they will be sent on the same day, therefore those figures will be taken into account. You can use the tabs along the top of the bar chart to filter out income from different user types, subjects, Qualification Levels and Ad Hoc Charge Categories.

Your branch’s income is also broken down in subcategories, which allows you filter the different revenue streams at a glance. These are:

  • Gross Income: This your revenue; the total of all charges to Clients, both Lessons and Ad Hoc Charges.

  • Tutor Income: The total of Tutor payment recorded against all Lessons and Ad Hoc Charges.

  • Affiliate Commission: The total of Tutor payment recorded against all Lessons.

  • Branch Tax: The amount of sales tax that has been charged by your company to your clients (only relevant in certain jurisdictions).

  • Branch Net: Your gross profit. This is your revenue minus Tutor Income, Affiliate Commission, and Branch Tax.

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