What is availability?

Availability is a schedule of when your tutor is able to give lessons. When a tutor is added to a lesson, the system checks the scheduled time with the tutor's availability, as well as any lessons the tutor is already on, to see if there are any conflicts. If a tutor has not scheduled their availability, the system will assume that the tutor is available at all times of the day. This is used when creating lessons to make sure the tutor is available to attend the lesson.

How do I change a Tutor's/my availability?

Availability can be created for a tutor, either by an admin or the tutor. If you are an admin, go to the tutor's profile and click the 'Actions' tab. You can then choose 'Set availability', which will then bring you to the tutor's calendar.

If you are a tutor, go to your dashboard and click the 'Actions' tab, then choose 'Set Availability'. Select the available start and end times, then click the dates on the calendar where applicable, and click 'Save'. Alternatively, you can create availability for several dates at once by clicking the 'Mass Create' button and filling in the details.

You can delete availability by clicking on the availability in the calendar to remove it, and clicking 'Save'. You can also delete a range of availabilities by clicking 'Mass Create', selecting the date range, checking 'Clear selected days', and clicking 'Save'.

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