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A Tutor is typically the individual who renders the Tutoring services offered by your organisation to the recipient Student(s). A Tutor could be a teacher, professor mentor, coach, instructor, or simply a member of the community. They could be a member of your organisation’s staff, with additional administrative permissions/responsibilities, or a freelancer. Tutors can be both a Client and a Student at the same time - more on that below.

Within TutorCruncher, Tutors can view scheduling information, make job applications, track their earnings and expenses, and write Lesson Reports, and register whether planned Lessons between themselves and your Students were attended or cancelled. Depending on their permissions, they might also be able to add to or otherwise alter schedules, and even raise Invoices.

An example of a Tutor's profile.

Where can I find my Tutors?

Tutors can either be individually searched for via the search bar or a list of all Tutors listed within your organisation can be found via People > Tutors. Navigating here will open the Tutors user list.

An example of a Tutors user list.

Here you can:

  • Use the status tabs to cycle the Tutor list based on their profile status.

  • Create a new Tutor by selecting the Create New Tutor button (more on that below).

  • Use the Filter button to filter through the list of Clients by their location, creation date range, applied Labels, any Custom Fields you might have, or their skills and qualifications. The more information there is filled in on a Tutor’s profile the more effective this feature will be.

  • Once a filter has been applied, you can use the Email Tutors button to email any Tutors who match the criteria used in the filter. If no filter has been applied, then all listed Tutors will be emailed.

  • Use the ‘Label Filter’ dropdown menu to quickly filter out Tutors based on any Labels applied to their profile.

How do I create a Tutor?

Follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your Tutor list via People > Tutors and select Create New Tutor.

  2. Fill in the Tutor's details.

  3. If you specify an email address when creating the Tutor’s profile, your new Tutor will receive a welcome email with a link to create a password to log in. Note that you will need to have the ‘Tutor Welcome Email’ Email Definition turned on for this to work.

  4. Submit.

Once you have successfully submitted the Tutors profile, a welcome email will be sent to their email address (if you gave them one) containing a link for them to set a password and finish creating their profile.

You will also be redirected to the Tutor’s main profile page, where you can enter more details, such as:

  • Teaching skills

  • Institutes attended

  • Qualification

  • Notes

  • Uploaded documents

This information can also be added by your Tutors themselves when they log in.

You can also import multiple Tutors using the Import function. This will allow you to upload multiple Tutor profiles quickly and easily. Tutors can also sign themselves up via your website.

Note: The welcome email expires after three days, at which point the set password link will no longer work - you can resend a welcome email by navigating to the Tutor’s profile and selecting the Send email button under the Communications tab - this will open a dropdown menu with an option to resend the welcome email - note that this will only appear if they haven’t already logged in.

Can prospective Tutors sign themselves up/apply to work at my company?

Yes - if you have ‘Tutors can join’ enabled via System > Settings > Company Details > Branch Details, then there are several ways in which a prospective Tutor could sign up:

Sign up via Tutor signup link: Your company has a link that can be accessed by prospective Tutors to sign themselves up and create their own profiles - you can find your company’s signup link (alongside other helpful URLs) via System > Settings > Company Details > Company Details.

An example of a Tutor signup portal.

When a prospective Tutor fills in this page, they will be created in your system as a ‘Pending’ Tutor. You can be notified via email whenever this happens by navigating to System > Settings > People and Activity > Labels before selecting the ‘Self Sign Up’ Label. Here you can specify an Administrator to receive an email notification whenever a Tutor signs themself up by selecting them from the ‘Email Recipients’ dropdown field.

Once they click Sign Up, they’ll be prompted to check their email inbox for a Tutor welcome email containing a link for them to confirm their account. Once that’s done, they will be prompted to fill in their profile, including their contact information, teaching skills and CV/resume. New Tutors who sign up this way will appear as Tutor profiles in the ‘Pending’ status tab.

How do I invite prospective Tutors for an interview?

You can invite prospective Tutors to an interview by navigating to their profile, selecting the ‘Communications’ tab and then clicking the Send email button before selecting ‘Invite for Interview’ from the dropdown menu.

Inviting a Tutor for an interview.

How do I edit the details on a Tutor's profile?

You can edit a Tutor's details by navigating to the Tutor's profile and selecting Actions > Edit Profile. Adjust the Tutor’s details and Submit. The Tutor’s last name and profile status are required fields, and we recommend that you include an email address so that they can receive important communications.

You can also add in Custom Fields (and also make these required) which will appear under the ‘Extra Fields’ tab. The Tutor's profile will also show you the degree to which it has been completed, and will indicate when there is any important information missing.

An example of a Tutor’s profile, with Edit Profile highlighted in the Actions dropdown menu.

Editing a Tutor's email address

To do this, simply navigate to the Tutor’s profile, and select Actions > Edit Profile. From here you can edit the email address found in their email field, before clicking Submit.

Note: For security purposes, the Tutor will then be logged out of their account and receive an email to confirm their new email address. They must confirm this new email address within three days.

Tutors need to confirm changes to their email address before a change is made. If you have edited a Tutor's email address but it is pending their confirmation, the next time you select Actions > Edit Profile on their profile, you will see a message below the ‘Email Address’ field explaining that it will be automatically updated once confirmation is made.

Editing a Tutor's teaching skills

To do this, simply navigate to the Tutor’s profile and click the Add button on the ‘Teaching Skills’ panel. This will open the ‘Update Skills’ page, from where you can choose a new subject and skill level (the level of attainment that Tutor has) from the respective dropdown menus. Here you can also add more teaching skills, or remove them if needed.

Adding a new teaching skill to a Tutor’s profile.

What permissions can I give to my Tutors on a Job?

You can give your Tutors the following permissions:

  • Tutor can add and edit Lessons, and change the Job status to finished: If you give your Tutor these permissions, they will be able to schedule their own Lessons, edit them, complete them, and mark the Job as 'Finished' when the Job is done.

  • Tutor can add and edit Lessons: If you give your Tutor these permissions, they will be able to schedule their own Lessons, edit them, and mark them as 'Complete'. However, they won't be able to change the Job status.

  • Tutor can edit Lessons: If you give your Tutor this permission, they will be able to edit the Lessons and mark them as 'Complete.' However, they won't be able to add new Lessons or change the Job status to ‘Finished’.

  • Tutor can only mark Lessons 'Complete': If you choose this permission for your Tutor, he/she can only mark the Lessons as complete, and won't be able to add/edit new Lessons or mark the Job as finished.

Note: Changes made to Tutor permissions will only affect Jobs moving forward - they will not retroactively affect the settings on already-created Jobs. For all pre-existing Jobs, Tutor permissions need to be manually updated by the Administrator.

What do the statuses mean on a Tutor's profile and how can I change them?

A Tutor’s profile will have a status associated with it - this refers to the status of the Tutor’s profile. There are four statuses a Tutor’s profile could have:

  • Pending: The profile is under review and requires approval from an Administrator before they will be able to access full functionality. Pending Tutors cannot apply to new Jobs, mark Lessons as ‘Complete’ or raise Ad Hoc Charges.

  • Rejected: The Tutor’s profile was rejected for not meeting all requirements. They have the same level of access as ‘Pending’ Tutors.

  • Dormant: The agency can have automated settings saved to change the Tutors profile to Dormant if the profile is inactive for a set number of days. Dormant Tutors have the same level of access as ‘Pending’ Tutors.

  • Approved: The profile has been approved by the agency and/or is active. Approved Tutors have full access to TutorCruncher.

To change a Tutor’s status, navigate to the Tutor's profile, and select Actions > Set Status - from here you can select the status you wish to give the Tutor’s profile via the dropdown menu.

An example of a Tutor’s profile, with the Set Status dropdown menu highlighted.

Approved Tutors will have access to browse and apply to Jobs that you list as available, but will not have access to Client lists or any sensitive data. Rejected Tutor’s logins will be disabled and they won't have any further access to your system. Tutors will receive an appropriate email if their status changes.

Tutors who are marked as ‘Pending’ or ‘Dormant’ can view only the information relevant to them. This means they can fill in their own profiles, including inputting teaching skills and qualifications, uploading a CV and filling in the Custom Fields you created. They will not be able to apply to Jobs or be assigned to any Jobs.

You can automatically mark Tutors as ‘Dormant’ via System > Settings > People & Activity > People - navigating here will open the People panel, from which you can toggle whether or not you’d like to automatically mark idle Tutors as 'Dormant', and specify the number of days a Tutor has to be idle before this happens.

The People panel.

TutorCruncher will consider a Tutor to be idle when there hasn't been any activity from that Tutor in our system after a predetermined period of time. A Tutor will be set to 'Dormant' when both:

  • The Tutor hasn't performed any actions on their TutorCruncher profile within the specified number of days.

  • The Tutor’s profile hasn’t been edited by an Administrator within the same period.

Note: User profile statuses (including that of Tutors) are hardcoded into TutorCruncher. As such, they cannot be altered or customised.

How do I show that my Tutors have had a background check?

You can show which of your Tutors have had background checks by editing their profile settings. Under ‘Extra Fields’ you can enter if they have had a background check, as well as the date it happened.

Can I choose what actions a Tutor is able to perform on a Job they’ve been assigned to?

Yes - whenever you create or edit a Job, you can specify the ‘Default Tutor Permissions’ for that Job from the dropdown menu found under the ‘More Settings’ tab.

When creating or editing a Job, you can select the 'Default Tutor Permissions', under the 'More Settings' section.. You can also individually specify permissions on a Tutor when adding them to the Job from the Job details page by selecting the 'Edit' icon next to their name.

Can I add a default pay rate to a Tutor?

Default Tutor Rates can be set for any and all Tutors on your account. They can be used to keep track of pay rates agreed with individual Tutors. To use Default Tutor Rates:

  1. Enable 'Default Tutor Rates' in System > Settings > Accounting > General.

  2. Navigate to the profile of a Tutor you would like to arrange a special rate with, select Actions > Edit profile before navigating to the Accounting tab. There you will be able to edit the default pay rate for that Tutor via the ‘Default Rate’ field.

The Tutor's default rate that you set here will override any default pay rate which you added to a Job, but will be overridden by any manual changes you make to their pay rate beyond that point.

Can I set my Tutor’s availability?

Your Tutor’s availability is schedule for when your Tutor is available to give Lessons. Administrators can set a Tutor’s availability by navigating to the Tutor’s profile before selecting Actions > Set Availability, and then setting their availability via the Tutor’s Calendar view.

You can set the Tutor availability on a day by day basis or you can use the Mass Create function at the top of the page.

Setting Tutor Availability.

This feature allows you to set your Tutor’s availability in one go. You can choose the Start and End Dates, the time as well as the days in the week you wish to set their availability for.

Mass Creating Tutor Availability.

How do I add custom subjects or qualifications to my Tutor’s profiles?

You will first need to create these subjects/qualification levels before they can be added to your Tutor’s profile.

For creating custom subjects, see here.

For creating custom qualification levels, see here.

Can Tutors sign up with multiple agencies?

Yes, Tutors can indeed sign up and work with different agencies. In order to facilitate this, we've given Tutors the option to set up a Global Profile. With a Global Profile, a Tutor can access all of the branches that they have been assigned to using a single login. This feature allows them to use the same email across all Tutor accounts including yours.

The Global Profile Page.

If a Tutor is already signed up with an agency on TutorCruncher and they try to sign up with your company, they will see a banner appear on their dashboard during the sign-up process prompting them to link their accounts.

Linking their profiles will allow them to access all their accounts with one login, they just need to make sure that they are using the same email address across all profiles. Creating a Global Profile also allows them to copy certain information from one branch to another.

Accessing Global Profile on Tutor Dashboard.

Once a Global Profile has been created, all basic information including name, address, contact details etc can be copied from one profile to the other.

However, there are certain aspects of your profile which cannot be copied over to your new profile. These include:

  1. Skills & Qualifications

  2. Documents

  3. Institutions

  4. Resume

This is because TutorCruncher is highly customisable. Therefore, a lot of companies will use different subjects and qualifications. Furthermore, many companies have custom Tutor profile setups which means different information needs to be entered for different companies. Hence, copying this information over is not possible.

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