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Find out how to create & edit a tutor's details

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What is a Tutor?

Tutors are the client-facing side of your company. Tutors apply to open jobs, create and edit lessons, write reports, and mark jobs as finished. A tutor's payment is tracked via payment orders.

How do I create a Tutor?

Tutors are the client-facing side of your company. Tutors have the ability to apply to open jobs, create and edit lessons, write reports, and mark jobs as finished.

Step by step process

  1. Navigate to the People > Tutors tab

  2. Click the 'Create New Tutor' button

  3. Fill in the tutor's details

  4. Click 'Submit'

If you already had a list of tutors that you wanted to bring into the system, then you might consider using the import function to import many tutors at once.

More information

Is there an easy way I can find my approved/pending/rejected/dormant Tutors?

You can filter your tutors by status by heading to the People > Tutors list and clicking on the filter tabs. Alternatively, you can enter the status in the search bar.

How do I edit a Tutor's details?

You can edit a tutor's details by navigating to a tutor's profile and clicking Actions > Edit Profile. Fill in the tutor's details and click 'Submit'. A tutor's profile will also show you the degree to which it is completed and if there is any important information missing. Editing their email address? Read more about that below.

How do I show that my tutors have had a background check?

You can show which of your tutors have had background checks by editing their profile settings. Don’t worry if it’s a little difficult to find at first, there is an option just under ‘Extra Fields’ where you can enter if they have had a background check, as well as the date it happened.

How do I edit a tutor's permissions?

Permissions for a tutor are customised for each job. When creating or editing a job, you can select the 'Default Tutor Permissions', under the 'More Settings' section, for new tutors added to the job. You can also individually specify permissions on a tutor when adding them to the job from the job details page by clicking on the 'Edit' icon next to their name.

How do I change the status of a Tutor?

When a tutor first signs up to your company, they will be given the status 'Pending'. To change their status, navigate to the tutor's profile, select Actions > Set Status, and select the status you wish to change to.

Approved tutors will have access to browse and apply to jobs that you list as available, but will not have access to client lists or any of your valuable data. Rejected tutors' logins' will be disabled and they won't have any further access to your system. Tutors will receive an appropriate email if their status changes.

Can I automatically mark inactive Tutors Dormant?

If you navigate to System > Settings > People & Activity > People, you'll find a setting for 'Automatically mark idle Tutors Dormant'.

If this setting is enabled, TutorCruncher will automatically mark inactive Tutors Dormant after a set number of days. You can set this number in the 'Number of idle days to be Dormant' field below that.

Can Dormant Tutors still apply to jobs?

No, a tutor that has been marked as dormant will not be able to apply to available jobs. A dormant tutor will be able to log in and access their calendar, as well as any payment orders that relate to them, but they will not be able to see any jobs that are available for application

How does TutorCruncher determine whether a Tutor is inactive/idle or not?

TutorCruncher will see a Tutor Profile as idle when there hasn't been any activity from that profile in our system. A Tutor Profile is inactive/idle when:

  • The Tutor hasn't performed any actions on their TutorCruncher profile.

  • The Tutor details haven't been changed by another user in the System.

Can I add a default pay rate to a Tutor?

Default Tutor Rates can be set for any and all tutors on your account. They can be used to keep track of pay rates agreed with individual tutors. To use Default Tutor Rates:

1: Enable 'Default Tutor Rates' in System > Settings > Accounting > General.

2: Go to the profile of a tutor you would like to arrange a special rate with, click Actions > Edit and go to Accounting Settings, there you will be able to edit the default pay rate for that tutor.

The tutor's default rate that you set here will override any default pay rate which you added to a job, but will be overridden by any manual changes you make to their pay rate beyond that point.

How do I change a tutor's email address?

You can edit a tutor's email address by going to a tutor's profile and clicking the 'Edit' button. Enter the new address in the 'Email' field and press submit. The tutor will receive an email to confirm their new email address, they must confirm this new email address within three days.

Why isn't my tutor's email address changing?

Tutors need to confirm changes to their email address before a change is made. If you have edited a tutor's email address but it is pending their confirmation, the next time you click Edit on their profile you'll see a message below the Email Address field explaining that it will be automatically updated once confirmation is made.

Why didn't a tutor's status change from dormant to active?

When a tutor's account has not been used within the time frame set for 'Automatically mark idle Tutors Dormant', then the status of the account will automatically be set as dormant. Once an account has a dormant status, an admin will have to manually change the status of that profile back to active. The action of a tutor logging in will prevent an account from going dormant if it is within the number of idle days, however, any actions made in that account will not revert it from being dormant to active again automatically.

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