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What are tasks?

You can create a task attached to a client, student or tutor to remind you to do something at a certain time. For instance, you can set a reminder for one of your admins to email a client about potential tutors next week.

How do I create a task?

Simply go to Activity > Tasks and click 'Create Task'. You can choose the type of task, the admin responsible for it, the user it is linked to and more. To save your task, click 'Submit'.

Who gets a reminder?

You can choose an admin to be attached to the task. On the reminder date you set, that admin will then be sent an email containing the details of the reminder.

Are tasks viewable from the calendar?

Unfortunately, tasks are not viewable from an admins calendar. You can view any tasks that have been created by going to Activity > Tasks

Who can see tasks?

Tasks would only be viewable to admins. If an admin has been assigned to a task, then they would be notified about this via email on the due date.

Is it possible to delete completed tasks?

We know that there may be times that you want to keep those tasks up to date and in order by deleting any completed ones, but unfortunately these cannot be erased at the moment.

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