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Learn about how to seek out and manage reviews from your Clients for your Tutors' services here.

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When Students have finished taking Lessons from one of your Tutors, you can invite Clients to review their experience. This feedback will be saved in your database for you to look back and measure how successful the Tutoring was.

By default, the Client's review includes a rating out of five stars and a brief description. A list of your Client’s Tutor Reviews can be found via Activity > Reviews, where you can filter out the reviews by their relevant Tutor, Client, Job and date range.

An example of a Reviews page.

To request a review for one or multiple Tutors, simply navigate to the Client's page, select the Tutor Reviews tab and then select Request Reviews. Here you can choose which Tutor the Client’s Students have tutored with, and also opt whether or not to add a personalised message which will be included in the email the Client receives.

The Tutor Reviews tab of a Client’s profile, with Request Reviews highlighted.

Can I automatically send a Client a review after they’ve completed a certain amount of Lessons?

Automatic review requests can be triggered after a set amount of Lessons have been completed by navigating to System > Settings > People and Activity > Activity and enable ‘Request Reviews automatically’ before specifying your ‘Default Review Units’ - the value specified here will determine how many Lessons are completed before a review request is automatically sent out to the Client.

Here you can also enable ‘Request Review on Job completion by Tutor’ to send out an automatic review request whenever a Tutor marks a Job as ‘finished’.

The section of the Activity settings panel that covers automatic review requests.

How am I notified of new reviews?

If a Client leaves a review of your Tutor’s services, a record of this will be included in your Daily Update (provided you have the Daily Update Email Definition enabled and your Administrator profile has ‘Daily Update Notifications’ enabled in your Received Notifications). There will also be a record of the Client leaving the review in your Activity Log.

Can I customise the reviews that are sent to my Clients?

The content of the reviews sent to your Clients can be customised with Custom Fields. Creating a new Custom Field that applies to reviews will allow you to include extra fields on the review for your Clients to complete, whether that’s a dropdown menu, a checkbox or a number. As with all Custom Fields, you can opt to make this a required field or make it available in the search filters.

Creating a Custom Field for reviews.

Who can see reviews?

By default, reviews are only viewable by Administrators. This is the case for both review content and also the aggregated star rating of all previous reviews which shows on each tutor profile. However, aggregate star ratings can be made publicly accessible either on your website via the Socket integration, or the client login via Book Public Tutors feature.

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