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Learn about how you can set up Tasks on TutorCruncher here.

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Tasks are simply reminders to do something at a specified date/time. Tasks are assigned to Administrators, and can be linked to different Clients, Students or Tutors.

Tasks are typically for reaching out to a specific individual concerning any number of things - for example, a Task could be an alert for an Administrator to send an email to a Client concerning different Tutor options, or to chase up a Tutor with an unfinished profile.

Tasks are found via Activity > Tasks - navigating here will bring you to a list of pending Tasks, with tabs for cycling between a list of complete or incomplete tasks. The Filter button can be used to further filter the Task list by its assigned Administrator, role type, associated Job or by what type of Task it is.

An example of a Pending Tasks list.

How do I create a new Task?

New Tasks can be created via the Create Task button at the top of the Tasks page. Selecting this will open the Tasks panel, from which you can specify the Task’s basic details, alongside when the Task is due for what type of Task it is. You will also need to specify the Administrator charged with the Task, and can specify an associated User or Job. The Task can also be repeated on a weekly or monthly basis by specifying an option from the ‘Repeat’ dropdown menu.

Upon clicking Save, the select Administrator will receive an email containing information about the task and its due date.

Where can I view my created Tasks?

Any Tasks you have created can be viewed via Activity > Tasks. You can edit as well as delete a task and they can also be marked as ‘complete’. Once a task has been marked as 'complete', it cannot be edited or deleted.

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