Problems Logging In

Here's a few hints & tips to help you troubleshoot issues surrounding logging in

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Forgotten your password?

If you have forgotten your password, or have never set it in the first place, go to the login page and click 'Reset Password'.

You will then receive a link to reset your password to the email address you put in.

Forgotten your email address?

You will need to contact an administrator at your company for them to relay this to you.

I have put in my email address, but haven't received a password reset email.

Are you sure your email address is correct? If not, contact the company your account is with.

Otherwise, check your spam/junk folder in your email inbox just to make sure.

One of my users has requested a password reset but has not received a password reset email.

Go to the user's profile. Under the panel 'Activity', you can view the user's latest activity. If there isn't an entry for 'Requested a password reset' there, then they may have entered the wrong email address. It's best to check their email address on their profile with them at this point.

If there is an entry for 'Requested a password reset', then you can look in Communications > Outbound Emails to see if the email was sent.

One of my users has forgotten their password, what should I do?

You just need to point them towards the login page where they can click 'Reset Password'.

Can I manually reset a users’ password?

Unfortunately, an admin will not be able to manually reset a users’ password. A password reset can only be done from the main login page.

Can I prevent Clients from logging in?

Yes, if you do not want Clients to log into your company, then you can disable this in your system settings. Navigate to System > Settings > Company Details > Agency Details, & disable the box for ‘Client Login’.

The link has expired to set my password, what do I do?

Simply go to the reset password page for the company you wish to log in to and reset your password.

Even if you have never set a password, you can still receive a password reset email.

I'm a tTutor, why can't I access the different agencies from my login?

If you can't login to a specific agency, there may be a few things to check to:

  • Have you set up a Global Profile? This would allow you to access the different branches you have been assigned to from the one login. Just make sure that you are using the same email address across those agencies and that the global profile has been set up in the top-right hand corner of your login. If this is setup, then you can switch between agencies in the top-right hand corner of your login.

  • Are you signing in to the correct agency? If you haven't set up a 'Global Profile', TutorCruncher would log you into the last most recent agency that you have signed in to. Just make sure that the agencies URL that you are trying to log into is correct.

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