How do I import many users at once?

The import function is the easiest way to add a large set of users at once, used for tutor, client and student profiles. To import lists of profiles, follow these steps:

Step by step process

  1. Create an CSV/XLSX file > Create columns for your the fields that you want to import (First name, Last name, Street, Custom Fields, etc.) > Enter all of your users information.

  2. Navigate to System > Import

  3. Click Import Users > Click on the type of user that you would like to import (Students/Tutors/Clients)

  4. Upload the file with all of your users data.

  5. If the data is incomplete or unreadable, the system will inform you of the changes that are required.

  6. Select whether you want to email imported users with the appropriate welcome email

  7. Click 'Import'

  8. Your users will now be imported, keep in mind that this might take a couple of minutes.

The following is a list of default fields and their accepted values:


  • Status: Choose one of three options; Prospect, Live, Dormant

  • Email: Valid email address. This field can be left empty, if a value is present it must be a valid email address. If troubleshooting why a given email address value is not being accepted, it may be because of a blank space (" ") at the beginning or end of the email address, causing it not to be recognised.

  • First Name: Any text or numeric value up to XXX characters.

  • Last name: This is a required field. Any text or numeric value up to XXX characters.

  • Mobile: Any string of numbers up to XXX digits. If verified after entry, mobile number will appear with a green tick beside it on the client's profile.

  • Phone: Any string of numbers up to XXX digits.

  • Street: Any text or numeric value up to XXX characters.

  • Town: Any text or numeric value up to XXX characters.

  • State: US companies only. States can be recognised from their two letter signifiers (CA for California, IL for Illinois, etc.). We do not recognise the state's full names as entries into this field.

  • Postcode: (Zipcode). Accepts any alpha-numeric entry up to XXX characters.

  • Country: Country name, capitalised or uncapitalised.

  • Gender: Male and Female are accepted values here.

  • Additional Information: Any text or numeric values up to XXX characters.

  • Date of Birth: Date accepted in multiple formats and adjusted to read YYYY-MM-DD. Your date input will be recognised and based on whether you have selected MM-DD-YYYY or DD-MM-YYYY within System > Settings > Branch Details > Date Input Format.

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