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Learn about how to import many users at once into your TutorCruncher platform quickly and easily.

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The Import function is the easiest way to add a large set of users at once - this can be used for Tutor, Client or Student profiles.

The User Import pages.

To import many users at once follow these steps:

  1. Create a CSV/XLSX file.

  2. Create columns for the fields that you want to import (First name, Last name, Street, Custom Fields, etc.) before entering all of your users' information.

  3. Navigate to System > Import and click Import Users before selecting the type of user that you would like to import (Students/Tutors/Clients).

  4. Upload the file with all of your users’ data. If the data is incomplete or unreadable, the system will inform you of the changes that are required.

  5. Select whether you want to email imported users with the appropriate welcome email.

  6. Select Import - bear in mind that this process can take a few minutes.

  7. Your users are now imported.

When you upload users you are asked whether you would like to send them a Welcome Email.

What default fields can be used for importing users and what are their accepted values?

  • Status: Choose one of three options; Prospect, Live, Dormant.

  • Email: Valid email address. This field can be left empty, if a value is present it must be a valid email address. If troubleshooting why a given email address value is not being accepted, it may be because of a blank space (" ") at the beginning or end of the email address, causing it not to be recognised.

  • First Name: Any text or numeric value.

  • Last name: This is a required field. Any text or numeric value.

  • Mobile: Any string of numbers up to XXX digits. If verified after entry, the mobile number will appear with a green tick beside it on the client's profile.

  • Phone: Any string of numbers.

  • Street: Any text or numeric value.

  • Town: Any text or numeric value.

  • State: US companies only. States can be recognised from their two letter signifiers (CA for California, IL for Illinois, etc.). We do not recognise the state's full names as entries into this field.

  • Postcode: (Zip Code). Accepts any alpha-numeric entry.

  • Country: Country name, capitalised or uncapitalised.

  • Gender: Male and Female are accepted values here.

  • Additional Information: Any text or numeric values.

  • Date of Birth: DoB is accepted in multiple formats and adjusted to read YYYY-MM-DD. Your date input will be recognised and based on whether you have selected MM-DD-YYYY or DD-MM-YYYY within System > Settings > Branch Details > Date Input Format.

Can I import Custom Fields?

Yes you can - Custom Fields that apply to users (Clients, Students, Tutors) can be imported.

To understand how your particular Custom Field would be imported, it's recommended that you create the Custom Field first, apply it to some of your users before exporting them via System > Export.

The Custom Field will appear as a column in the exported CSV file, and the different values for it will be marked along the users item in the spreadsheet - you can use Excel/Google Sheet's functionality to edit the values for many users at once using this method.

An example of a CSV file containing a list of Clients - in this example, there is a checkbox Custom Field (highlighted) for whether or not the Client came via the company's website, which can have either 'true' or 'false' values assigned to it.

When importing, the Custom Field's name will be used as its column title, and will be a selectable option from the column dropdown menus when importing the file.

The accepted values for Custom Fields are as follows:

  • Checkbox: TRUE or FALSE boolean.

  • Short Textbox: Any text or numeric value.

  • Long Textbox: Any text or numeric value.

  • Number: Any string of numbers.

  • Stars: Any numeric value between 1-5.

  • Dropdown: Any text or numeric value listed as a dropdown menu option for that Custom Field.

  • Date and Time: Any date/time value, formatted as per the 'Date Ouput Format' chosen in System > Settings > Company Details > Branch Details.

  • Date: Any date value, formatted as per the 'Date Ouput Format' chosen in System > Settings > Company Details > Branch Details.

Can I import Jobs?

No - only users can be imported into TutorCruncher.

How do I update the information of many users at once using imports?

To edit the information of your users in bulk, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to System > Export and select the 'Users' option - export the user type that you wish to update from the dropdown menu within the 'User Export' page.

  2. Open the CSV file in a spreadsheet viewer (i.e. Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets) and make the edits to the different fields that you want to make - functions within Excel like VLOOKUP are very useful for making changes to many profiles at once.

  3. When you're happy with the changes, navigate to System > Import and click Import Users and specify the user type that you will be importing.

  4. It's common to see errors appear at this stage - this is because the data that TutorCruncher exports isn't always readable by TutorCruncher on importing. Any changes that need to be made to the file before importing will appear in the red box at the top left of the screen.

    Importing Clients - in this example, the 'status' column has an invalid field and has several columns that aren't recognised as valid fields by TutorCruncher.

    In some cases, such as user creation date or user ID, you can simply remove these fields, as they are static and wouldn't be changeable in any case (we include these fields when exporting as they can be very useful for other purposes).

    In the example above, the 'Prospect (Pipeline)' value isn't accepted as a 'status', so you can simply change this to 'Prospect' from the dropdown menu that appears when selecting that cell.

    You can use the Reset Sheet button if you need to start over in editing the file.

    Adjusting a cell's value so that it can be imported.

  5. Once the necessary adjustments have been made to the file, text will appear notifying you that the file is ready to be imported - use the Import Clients button to import the file. A confirmation pop-up will appear asking if you'd like to upload without emails or upload and send emails - choosing the latter option will send the newly-updated/created Clients a welcome email. If you choose the former, the welcome emails can still be sent to all of those users at once at a later stage - message the team at and we can make that happen.

Can I import a user's Labels?

No - Labels cannot be imported as these can vary between companies.

Struggling to Import?

These .csv templates attached below should work straight away! Just replace the placeholder contacts with your own.

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