One Off Emails to Users

Learn how to send quick one off emails to your users to help keep them updated

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What is a One Off email?

One off emails are a great tool to send quick emails to tutors, clients, students, agents, or admins, who have an email linked to their account. This tool can be found at the top of their profile page by clicking the button, 'Send one off Email'. One off emails are written in Markdown, you can use our Markdown guide for help when writing one off emails.

One Off Emails to Users

How do I send a one off email?

You can send a one off email by clicking the 'Send one off Email' button on someone's profile page. If the button is greyed out and not clickable, this will be because for one of two reasons:

  1. The user has not got an email address linked to their account,

  2. The user has asked not to receive any emails.

If the button is clickable, it will display a form for you to create your one off email. You will be able to change the Email Style from default to any custom made style.

Next, you can enter the subject and message of the email. The subject and message have a list of variables which you can use to make sure the email stays accurate. The available variables include:

Variable Name


###{{ login_link }}

Full login link

###{{ pretty_login_link }}

Simplified login link with https:// and trailing slash removed

###{{ company_name }}

Name of your company

###{{ recipient_name }}

The full name of the person receiving the email

###{{ recipient_first_name }}

The first name of the person receiving the email

###{{ recipient_last_name }}

The last name of the person receiving the email

When writing the one off email, you won't have to worry about getting the users email address correct as we do that for you. Once you've filled out the required fields, simply click the 'Send Email' button at the bottom of the form to send the email to the user. If you want to check what the email looked like or if it sent correctly, all emails sent using one off emails can be found in Communications > Outbound Emails.

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