How to add a Lesson as a Tutor

Find out how to add and edit lessons within a job

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Step by step process

  • To add a lesson, first, go to the job you want to add a Lesson to.

  • Click Add New Lesson.

  • Fill in the date and times of the Lesson, as well as a short description.

  • If you create the Lesson in the past, upon submitting you will be asked to fill in a Lesson report that will be sent to the Client.

  • The Lesson is now created and marked as 'Completed'.

  • You can see a link back to the Job here.

  • If you create the Lesson in the future, the Lesson will be created as ‘Planned’.

  • You can mark it as 'Complete' at a later stage by selecting it and clicking Complete.

  • To have a Lesson repeat in the future go to a lesson and click on the Actions button. You can then choose the option for ‘Repeat’.

  • Set further definitions for the Lesson and click Save.

  • The lesson status can be Planned, Cancelled, Cancelled but chargeable, or Complete.

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