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You can track the number of Lessons your Clients and Students have received, and how many hours of lesson your Tutors have delivered, via the Lesson Hours page.

The Lesson Hours page is found via Analytics > Lesson Hours and contains a list of your users sorted by how many Lesson hours/units they’ve given/received within a specified time period. There is a bar chart at the top of the page visualising this across the entire user type - these can be cycled through using the tabs above the bar chart. The date range for this data can be adjusted using the date range filter at the top right of the page, and you can also use the CSV Export button to export the data shown as a CSV file (a type of file frequently used together with Excel or Google Sheets).

An example of a Lesson Hours page.

Note: If a Lesson is marked as ‘Cancelled but still chargeable’, those Lesson hours will still be recorded here.

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