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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions for tutors using the platform

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Q1) What does the figure for 'Amount Owed' represent on my dashboard?

'Amount Owed' is the sum of all unpaid lessons and expenses. Lessons that have been marked as 'Complete' would be included in the Amount Owed figure.

Q2) Why can't I see any available jobs?

If you are trying to view available jobs from your login but can't, then it would be best getting in touch with the tutoring agency directly. Agencies have control over the visibility of jobs and tutors access to these as well.

Q3) Why can’t I access a job?

There may be times that you are greeted with an ‘Error 403’ page when trying to access a job from your login. In instances like this, there could be a couple of reasons you can’t access it. The first is that you may have been assigned to a lesson within a job, but not to the main job page. Another possibility is that your profile has a ‘Dormant’ status. In situations like this, it would be best to contact an admin to help look further into this.

Q4) Why can't I add/edit a lesson?

There are two possible reasons for this, these are:

  • The lesson is on a sent or Paid Invoice or Payment Order. The invoice or payment order has to be marked as void to edit these lessons.

  • The job is marked as Finished. The job has to have any status other than Finished to edit lessons.

In both cases, you will need to contact an administrator to resolve the problem.

Q5) Can I request to have my tutor profile deleted?

You can indeed! Navigate to the top right-hand corner of your dashboard, and select the branch you no longer wish to have a profile with. Then go to Account, and select the tab at the top of the page for ‘Request Account Erasure’. A prompt will appear asking if you want to provide any further details on why you wish to be deleted from the system. Once you are happy to request account erasure, click save.

Q6) Can I copy my details from one TutorCruncher agency to another?

Yes, some of your tutoring details can be copied over from one branch to another by linking your tutoring accounts through the Global Profile.

Q7) Why can't I edit a Lesson Report?

You might not be able to edit a lesson report if there has been a raised invoice or payment order linked to the lesson.

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