The Global Profile

Learn how to set up a global profile and link your tutor profiles across different branches

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The Global Profile

As a tutor, there may be instances that you have applied to, or signed up to different agencies. In order to facilitate this, we've given tutors the option to set up a Global Profile. With a Global Profile, you can access all of the branches you have been assigned to using the one login. No more worrying about different passwords for different profiles, this feature allows you to use the one email and password across all of your tutor accounts.

When you create a new account with an agency using the same email address as an existing one, you will see a banner appear on your dashboard or during the sign-up process prompting you to link accounts. Linking your profiles will allow you to access all your accounts with one login. This will also allow you to create a Global Profile, which can allow you to copy certain information from one branch to another. This can be accessed by going to the top right-hand side of your login.

However, there are also areas of a profile which cannot be copied over. These include:

  1. Skills & Qualifications

  2. Documents

  3. Institutions

  4. Resume

Why? As the TutorCruncher system is highly customisable lots of agencies will use subjects and qualifications. Furthermore, lots of agencies have custom tutor profile set-ups meaning different information needs to be entered for different agencies. Therefore for some agencies very different information needs to be entered, meaning copying this information over is not an option

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