What is a Payment Order?

Learn more about Payment Orders and how they are used to track what is owed to you for completed work in TutorCruncher

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What is a payment order?

Payment orders (PO) are used in TutorCruncher to facilitate tutor payment. They provide the company and individual tutors a breakdown of finished work and earnings. POs are generated once the invoice associated with lessons on the payment order has been paid unless specified otherwise.

How do I access my Payment Orders?

You can view all of the payment orders that have been issued to you by an agency for your completed work by going to the Payment Orders section on the left-hand side of your TutorCruncher login.

From here, you can view all of the payment orders that have been raised by the company you are working with.

I have a raised Payment Order, but why haven't I received payment yet?

When a company raises and confirms a payment order, that is just a record of the hours you have completed and what pay is owed to you. There are three different instances in which your Payment Order may be marked as paid but you haven't been paid yet:

  1. The agency has marked your Payment Order as paid, but have not issued payment to you yet.

  2. The agency has marked your Payment Order as paid and the funds are in the process of being transferred to you.

  3. The agency is using Split Payments, and the funds are being transferred to your Stripe Payouts account ( If you have a Stripe payouts account, then you would receive those funds into your account once a client completes payment on their linked invoice.)

You can also check the PDF of your Payment Order within the Payment Orders section to see more details and the status of that as well. For more information on Split Payments, read here.

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