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Custom Qualification Levels

Find out how to create and manage custom qualification levels here.

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When you or a Tutor creates a Tutor profile, you have the option to add and edit the Tutor’s teaching skills, which can be listed on their Tutor profile. A Tutor’s teaching skills consist of both the subject that Tutor specialises in and their skill level in that subject. The predetermined list of qualifications covers most common qualification levels awarded by institutions, but for cases where it does not, you can create custom qualification levels to allow your Tutor’s profiles to contain teaching skills more relevant to your organisation.

Custom qualification levels can be added via the Custom Qualification Levels page, found in System > Settings > People and Activity > Custom Qualification Levels. From here you can select Add Qualification, which will open the 'Custom Qualification Levels' panel. Here you can specify the name, description and category of your custom qualification level.

The Custom Qualification Levels page, with Add Qualification Level highlighted. Custom qualification levels can be edited by selecting their name.

Once you've created the custom qualification level, you can apply it to your Tutors profiles by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Tutor’s profile and select the Edit button in the Teaching Skills panel.

  2. Selecting this will open the Update Skills panel, from where you can select your Custom Qualification Level from the Skill Level dropdown menu.

The Update Skills panel. Note that multiple teaching skills can be added.

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