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Find out how to get help from the TutorCruncher support team here.

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Is your TutorCruncher platform not functioning as expected? You can get help by raising a support ticket via Support > Tickets.

An example of a Support Tickets page.

Here you will find a list of all tickets you have raised, alongside a record of when the ticket was opened, when it was last updated and the ticket’s subject and description. Tickets pertaining to ongoing issues will be marked as ‘Open’, whereas tickets for resolved issues will be marked as ‘Closed’. Select a ticket to view the ticket’s conversation history and write a reply to any received communications - this can be done for both Open and Closed tickets.

Replying to the TutorCruncher bot.

You can open a new ticket by using the Open New Ticket button. This will open the Open New Support Ticket panel, from where you can choose a Subject from the dropdown menu to specify what part of your system the issue is regarding, alongside a field for the issue’s description, where you can describe the issue you’re having and provide any relevant screenshots using the image icon. You’ll also need to confirm that you’ve checked our help guide before opening the ticket, as the vast majority of answers to any questions you might have can be found there.

Opening a new support ticket.

You can also click Generate One Time Support Code to generate a one time support code - you’ll need this code to hand whenever you phone into TutorCruncher support so that the member of the team you’re speaking to can verify your account.

What is the best way to get rapid support?

There are a few things you can do to assist the support team in quickly getting you the support you need:

  • Help Guide! Always check the Help Guide - more often than not, the answer you seek will be found there.

  • Screenshots! Please try to include screenshots of the page you were looking at when the error occurred - if your issue relates to an Invoice, then a screenshot of the Invoice would be a massive help; if the issue relates to a Tutor’s profile, then send us a screenshot of that. Similarly, if you’re receiving an error message (like a 404, or 403) then send us a screenshot of the error message as it appears on the page you’re trying to access.

  • Details! Please try to include as much detail as possible - things like page URLs, user IDs (found on their profiles) or Lesson/Job IDs are a massive help and usually serve to expedite the process. Similarly, the rough date/time that the issue arose (for instance, if your issue relates to an Invoice - when was the Invoice raised?) also help too.

  • Settings! It’s often helpful to know what settings you have on your TutorCruncher system, as this can sometimes be the root cause of the issue. For example, if your issue relates to accounting, then it’s often helpful to know your relevant accounting settings; if your issue relates to an email, then it’s often helpful to see your Email Definitions.

What if I want to reach out via phone or chat?

Phone or chat-based support is available with the relevant support plan - find out how to upgrade your support plan here.

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