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Activity Log

Various actions performed by your users when using TutorCruncher are recorded and logged, find out how to track your user’s actions here.

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Every time one of your users performs an action on TutorCruncher, whether it’s a Tutor marking a Lesson complete, a Client agreeing to your Terms & Conditions or an Administrator editing a Tax Rate, TutorCruncher will record that action, alongside when it .

Any actions that relate to a user will be shown in that particular user’s Activity Feed panel - this can be on the ‘Activity’ tab found on that user’s profile.

An example of a Tutor’s Activity Feed panel.

Similarly, any actions that relate to a Job, or a Lesson within a Job, will also have an Activity Feed panel on their respective ‘Activity’ tabs.

An example of an Activity Feed for a Job.

Actions pertaining to Invoices, Credit Requests and Payment Orders also have Activity Feed panels:

An example of an Activity Feed for an Invoice.

A list of all actions performed on your TutorCruncher system can be found via System > Activity Log. Navigating here will open the 'Actions' page, which includes a list of all actions recorded by TutorCruncher, alongside which user performed the action, and the date/time the action was performed.

An example of an Actions page.

Here you can use the Filter button to open the Filter Actions panel, where you can filter the listed actions by their Actor (the person who performed the action), the date range of the actions, what action type they were, and their associated Job/Lesson.

Filtering out the actions list.

What specific actions does TutorCruncher record?

A list of all actions that TutorCruncher will record can be found here.

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