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Socket for Online Lesson Booking
Socket for Online Lesson Booking

Learn how to use the TutorCruncher Socket to list bookable Lessons on your website

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Use Socket to list bookable Lessons on your website

List available lessons via the website.

Wherever you wish to list the appointments which are able to be booked, put in the following line:

<div id="book-apts"></div>

Then, below where you have imported Socket, put in the following:

socket('YOUR_API_KEY', {
router_mode: 'history',
element: '#book-apts',
mode: 'appointments'

You need to replace YOUR_API_KEY with your public API key.

See here for an example.

How do I create bookable Lessons?

The process to create bookable Lessons is always the same, whether the Lessons are being booked via the TutorCruncher Socket or booked by a Client who is logged in to TutorCruncher. See our article on Clients Booking Lessons & Tutors for how to set bookable Lessons up.

How does a Client book a Lesson?

Once you have a list of bookable Lessons on your website, a Client can select a specific Lesson to book it. If that Lesson has available spaces, the Client can select Book Lesson.

Clients can book a lesson via your website.

An example of a bookable Lesson as it appears on a website.

Once they've chosen to book the Client will be prompted to create a new account or log in to an existing account with your company. They can do this simply and effectively by using Google/Facebook login. They can also use a normal email address, either signing in with an existing account or signing up for a new one.

Once this has been done, the Client will be able to add a Student to attend the Lesson. They can add themselves or create a new Student to add to the Lesson which is being booked. Once they have selected the Add to Lesson, they will be booked into the Lesson on your TutorCruncher account.

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