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What is the TutorCruncher Whiteboard Integration?

The TutorCruncher whiteboard integration marketplace allows you to choose from a variety of whiteboard providers, meaning you can to choose the whiteboard tools most suited to your business.

To view your whiteboard integrations you need to go to System > Settings > Online Integrations. You can view your existing Whiteboard Integration under ‘Your Integrations’.

If you would like to view the alternative integrations we have available you can look in the ‘Available Integration Section’. Just pick your integration of choice, and select ‘Add Integration’. This will automatically connect the whiteboard of your choice with TutorCruncher. You can also use this window to find links to each whiteboard’s website and pricing page to get more information.

If you have a tool you love to use that could be integrated into TutorCruncher, give them an email and get them to get in touch with us so we can discuss it further. Alternatively, you can give us suggestions about creating a new integration by writing to us via our feedback form, which you can locate here.

How do I add a custom integration?

If you would like to add a custom whiteboard integration which isn’t currently available in our Whiteboard Marketplace you can do this using our Single-Sign-On integration.

You can find out more about how to set up SSO integrations here.

Can I integrate with multiple Online Whiteboards?

Yes, you can integrate with more than one Online Whiteboard within TutorCruncher.

You can add as many whiteboard integrations as you want within System > Settings > Online Integrations. All of these can be accessed in the left-hand menu.

How do I select my default whiteboard integration?

If your system is integrated with multiple online whiteboards you have the ability to select a default online integration under the System > Settings > Activity.

How do I remove my whiteboard integration?

If you would like to remove your current whiteboard integration you need to go to System > Settings > Online Integration, under ‘Your Integrations’ select the Online Whiteboard, and click Remove.

Why can’t I see the Online Whiteboard?

If you can’t see the whiteboard in the left-hand menu, it is probably because you don’t have a default integration setup. You can go to System > Settings > Online Integrations, and check whether you have an online whiteboard set up under ‘Your Integrations’.

To set up an integration just select one of the options from the ‘Available Integration' Section, and click 'Add Integration'.

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