Setting Up Bookable Lessons

Discover how you can set up lessons that can be booked from your clients calendar

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How do I set up bookable lessons in TutorCruncher?

Creating bookable lessons in TutorCruncher is exactly the same process whether the lesson is to be shown to logged-in clients, or shown on your website with Socket.

The first step to add a lesson in TutorCruncher is, as always, to create a job. Once this has been done, you can apply the 'Public Job' label to the job. For lessons which are added to this job to be bookable, this label must be added. The job can be in any status except for 'Finished' for its lessons to be bookable.

Now, the tutor or the administrator is able to add lessons to the job. Any lesson will be bookable if it meets the following criteria:

  • The lesson is in the future

  • The lesson has not been marked as complete or cancelled

  • The lesson has available spaces

What are Available Spaces and Max Students?

Available Spaces/Max Students allow you to define how many people are able to be present in one specific lesson. If you wish to set this up, then you can edit the Job of the lesson and fill in the field named 'Max Students'. The number filled in here will be default total number of students which can appear on anyone lesson for this job.

Additionally, you are able to edit the number of students on a lesson by lesson basis. If you have set up the 'Max Students' on the job, then when editing an individual lesson you can configure the 'Max Students' for this lesson alone.

Can I change the colour of bookable lessons?

Yes, you can! When editing the Job of the bookable lessons, you can set up the 'Calendar Colour' field next to the job's name.

Can a client book lessons?

Yes, clients are able to book lessons based on a tutor's availability. This can be done in two ways:

  1. Clients can book lessons when logged into your TutorCruncher account.

  2. Current and unregistered clients can book lessons via your website with TutorCruncher Socket.

Clients booking lessons when logged in

When a client logs into TutorCruncher, they will be able to access the 'Bookable Lessons' calendar on the left-hand side tab. From here, clients are able to view all lessons which are currently bookable on your company account. A client can change the view of the calendar to show a specific day, week, or month, and can also filter this calendar by the different jobs which have bookable lessons.

Clients can book lessons from the calendar.

Clients can book lessons from the calendar.

From here, the client can click on a specific lesson to book it. On the following screen, they will be able to confirm when the lesson is taking place, the total cost of the lesson, and which of the client's students is to attend the lesson.

Clients can confirm the price and attendees of a lesson.

Clients can confirm the price and attendees of a lesson.

The lesson has now been booked and is viewable from the client's regular Calendar.

Clients booking lessons on your website

For guidance on configuring Socket, as well as how clients book lessons via your website, refer to our specific Socket Bookable Lessons guide

How do I add a Custom Field to my bookable lessons?

By default, bookable lessons show clients the time, date, price, and the number of available spaces. However, if you want to add additional information like, the name of the tutor who will be teaching the lessons, you can do that with Custom Fields.

A Custom Field for the name of the Tutor on a Bookable Lesson

A Custom Field for the name of the Tutor on a Bookable Lesson

You can add a Custom Field to your bookable lessons by following these steps:

  1. Add a Custom Field that applies to Jobs, and make sure that the Client Access checkbox is ticked.

  2. If you now edit one of your Public Jobs, you can see the Custom Field that you’ve just created under 'Extra Fields'.

  3. Enter the information that you want to be displayed on your Lessons (in that Job) in the Custom Field, and click ‘Save’.

  4. After following these steps, you’ll see that the Custom Field is viewable on the bookable lesson. Keep in mind that it might take a couple of minutes before you can see the changes in the Appointment Booking Socket on your website.

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