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Learn about adjusting your branch-wide settings for Jobs, Lessons, Reviews and much more.

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The Activity panel can be found via System > Settings > People and Activity > Activity. It’s used to adjust all branch-wide preferences for all areas pertaining to activities, such as Lessons, Jobs, Reviews and more.

How can I specify which users will be notified whenever a Tutor applies for a Job?

You can specify which users will be applied by choosing from the options in the ‘Group to notify when a Tutor applies for a Job’ dropdown menu. The options are:

  • Disable Job Application notifications: No notification will be sent.

  • Notify relevant Client Managers: Any Client Managers who are managing Clients assigned to the Job will be notified.

  • Notify Administrators who have the “New Job Application” notification checked: Any Administrators who are receiving the ‘New Job Application’ notification will be notified.

  • Notify both groups: The two groups listed above will both be notified.

Can I choose who Lesson Reports should be visible to?

This can specified by choosing an option from the ‘Report Visibility’ dropdown menu - the options are:

  • Not viewable to Clients, Students or Affiliates: Only Administrators or any relevant Tutors can view Lesson Reports.

  • Viewable to Clients, but not included in Invoice emails: Clients can log into their Client dashboard to view Lesson Reports; they won’t be included in Payment Request emails.

  • Viewable to Clients and included in Invoice emails: Clients can view the Lesson Report both via their Client dashboard and in any relevant Payment Request emails.

Can I prevent Lessons from being marked as ‘complete’ until they have a Report submitted?

Yes - simply enable the ‘Lesson Reports Required’ checkbox. Note that this is enabled regardless of whether this checkbox is enabled if you have Auto Invoice enabled.

Can I prevent Lesson Reports from being sent until I’ve approved them first?

Yes - simply enable the ‘Approve Lesson Reports before sending’ checkbox. If this is enabled, then any Reports that need approval will appear on your Reports page.

Read more about Reports here.

Can I specify how long a Job remains inactive before it is automatically marked as ‘Gone Cold’?

You can specify the number of days that pass before an inactive Job (a Job that has had no Lessons completed or Ad Hoc Charges raised for some time) is automatically marked as ‘Gone Cold’ via the ‘Job Inactivity Time’ number field.

Read more about Job statuses here.

Can I automatically trigger a task for any relevant Client Managers when a Job has been marked as ‘Gone Cold’?

Yes - simply enable the ‘Create Gone Cold tasks’ checkbox. This will create a Task for any Client Managers who are assigned to Clients attached to the Job prompting them to either mark the Jobs as finished or prompt the Client or Tutor to continue Lessons on the Job. They will also be notified by email via their Daily Update if that notification was enabled.

Can I automatically request Reviews from my Clients?

You can automatically request a Review for your Tutors’ services from a Client after a set number of Lessons on a Job have been completed by enabling the ‘Request Reviews automatically’ checkbox. You can then specify how many Lesson units (units can either be per-Lesson or per-hour) need to be completed before this request is sent via the ‘Default Review Units’ number field.

You can also automatically request a Review upon the completion of a Job by enabling the ‘Request Review on Job completion by Tutor’ checkbox.

Can I specify how long a Lesson will be by default when I create a Job?

You can specify how many minutes a Lesson will be by default via the ‘Default Lesson duration’ number field. This will specify the default setting for a Lesson’s duration whenever you create a Job or Lesson - you can still specify a different duration when creating these.

Can I specify the default status a Job will be whenever I create one?

The status that a Job will be set to by default whenever you create one can be specified via the ‘Default Job Status’ dropdown menu. Read more about Job statuses here.

Can I specify the default permissions an assigned Tutor will have whenever I create a Job?

You can specify the default Job permissions (which actions a Tutor will be allowed to perform on a Job) a Tutor will have by default by choosing an option from the ‘Default Job Tutor Permissions’ dropdown menu.

How do I enable Assigned Credit on Jobs?

Assigned Credit is a feature that allows you to allocate credit to a particular Job. It is useful if your Clients are paying upfront to have Lessons with a particular Tutor, or for a particular Job. You can enable this feature via the ‘Use Assigned Credit’ checkbox.

Note: Assigned credit only limits the amount of credit that can be spent on a Job for a Client. That credit is not just limited to that Job, so it can be used against any raised Invoices.

How do I enable Subscriptions on TutorCruncher?

Subscriptions can be used to charge a monthly fee to clients. You can enable Subscriptions via the ‘Use TutorCruncher Subscriptions’ checkbox. Once this is enabled, the Subscriptions page will appear in Activity > Subscriptions. Read more about Subscriptions here.

Can I specify how much notice a Client has to give me before cancelling a Lesson?

You can set the amount of notice (in hours) a Client has to give before cancelling a Lesson via the ‘Lesson late cancellation notice’ number field. If they give less notice than the value set here, then their Lesson will be liable to be ‘cancelled but still chargeable’.

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