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Attendance and Lesson Cancellation
Attendance and Lesson Cancellation
Learn how to mark attendance on lessons, as well as cancelling booked lessons
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How can I mark attendance on a Lesson?

When there's more than one Student on a Lesson, you'll be able to mark attendance.

As you can see in the image above, you get three options to choose from:




Attended - chargeable

If you click on the green checkmark icon, your client will be charged and will be marked as attended.

Sarah Bryant

Did not attend - not chargeable

If you click on the white cross icon, your client won't be charged and will be marked as not attended.

Carol Hickman

Did not attend - chargeable

If you click on the blue dollar icon, your client will be charged for the lesson but will be marked as not attended

Harry Hoskins

Why can't I mark attendance?

You won't be able to mark attendance if there is only one student on the Lesson.

If the student doesn't attend the Lesson, you can click the 'Cancel' button at the top of the page, and click 'Cancelled' or 'Cancelled but Chargeable'.

Can a client cancel their booked lessons?

If a client has booked a lesson which they can no longer attend, they have the option of cancelling their booking. In order to do so, the client needs to locate the lesson from within their calendar which they wish to cancel. By selecting that lesson and clicking 'More Details', the client can then click 'Cancel Booking'. If the client cancels a lesson more than 24 hours before the start, the client's attendance on the lesson will be set to 'Did Not Attend - Not Chargeable'.

Why can’t I cancel lessons from my calendar?

You may notice that some lessons will allow you to cancel them & others might not when you access them from your calendar. The reason this happens is that only bookable lessons will give you that option to cancel. When you have been manually assigned to a lesson, then an admin or tutor would cancel the lesson from their side.

Can a student cancel their booked lessons??

No, unfortunately, a student cannot cancel their lesson. Only a client will be able to cancel a bookable lesson.

Is there a report I can download that shows me a student's attendance?

Yes, you can download an ‘Attendance Report’ to view a students attendance on the lessons they are assigned to. Navigate to the Clients tab, and select the paying client of the student. Under the 'Activity' tab, you will see an option for 'Attendance Report' in the job section. Here, you can select the students that are associated with the client, as well as the date range for when the lessons have taken place. You can select whether to have the report emailed to you, or downloaded directly.

Can a client be charged for a late cancellation?

In your System > Settings > People and Activity > Activity, you can set up your 'Lesson late cancellation notice'. This defines the minimum notice period a client must give in order to not be billed for a cancelled lesson. If a client cancels a lesson within this period, then their attendance on the lesson will be 'Did Not Attend - Chargeable' and you will be able to generate an invoice for them.

Why didn’t a cancelled but chargeable lesson automatically get invoiced for?

You might find that there are times when a lesson has been marked as cancelled but chargeable, but the corresponding invoice did not get sent out automatically. A caveat to be aware of is only those lessons that have been marked as 'Complete' will automatically have invoices sent when ‘Auto-Invoice’ is enabled.

Can I change the status of a cancelled lesson?

Unfortunately once a lesson has been marked as cancelled, that lesson will no longer be able to take place. That lesson must be either marked as complete or deleted.

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