Creating, Editing and Deleting Jobs

Find our more information on creating & editing jobs, as well as specifying which skills are required

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What is a Job?

A job is a link between a tutor and a student, or multiple students. If it is a class or group lesson you can even assign multiple tutors to a single job. Lessons are logged within a job and charges and payments are created for each lesson that is logged.

How do I create a job?

  1. Navigate to Activity > Jobs tab and click the 'Create New Job' button.

  2. Fill in the job's information on the form. The job name should be descriptive, but brief. You can write more information regarding the job in the job description.

  3. Set the job's status. If the 'Available for Application' status is selected, then your approved tutors will be able to log in and apply to the job.

  4. Set the charge type and the job rates.

  5. You can also set other parameters such as default tutor permissions, tax setups and job caps. Then click 'Submit'.

Alternatively, you can create jobs from tutors', clients', and students' pages by clicking the plus icon on the 'Jobs' panel, and clicking 'Create New Job'. Doing so will take you to the Add Job form and will automatically attach the tutor/student(s) to the job. Note that only administrators can create new jobs.

A job is a link between a tutor and a student, or multiple students. If it is a class or group lesson you can even assign multiple tutors to a single job. Lessons are logged within a job and charges and payments are created for each lesson that is logged.

Step by step process

  • This tutorial covers creating a new job when you have already decided which tutor is going to teach the student. If you do not have a tutor for the job and wish to make it available for tutors to apply for, then please see the other video mentioned below.

  • To add a job, go to Activity > Jobs.

  • Then click 'Create New Job'.

  • Fill in the job name, description, the charge rate and tutor rate, and click ‘Save’.

  • You can add students by clicking the plus icon next to 'Students'.

  • And you can add tutors by clicking the plus icon next to 'Tutors'.

  • Lastly, set the label on the job from ‘Available for Application’ to ‘In Progress’.

More information

How do I edit a job?

You can edit a job by going to a job's details page and clicking the Actions tab & then 'Edit'.

If you change the charge type and the default charge rate, then the charges on any planned lesson will also be changed if they are using the default.

You can edit the default location of lessons on a job by going to the job's details and clicking the 'Select Default Location' button. Select a location and click 'Save'. The location can be set to default to either the tutor's or the client's address (if the information exists in their profiles). You can also create new locations under System > Settings > People and Activity > Locations.

Note that only administrators can edit a job.

How do I delete a job?

A job can be deleted by going to a job's details page, clicking the Actions button and then choosing 'Delete'. All lessons on this job will also be deleted, including any that are on an invoice. Make sure you are using this feature responsibly so that your schedules and accounts are not mismanaged.

How do I recover a deleted job?

Administrators can recover deleted jobs by navigating to System > Rubbish Bin > Deleted Jobs. Find the job you wish to restore, then click 'Recover'. Any lessons that were deleted on this job will not be recovered automatically and must be done so individually.

How do I upload a document onto a job?

If you have materials for a specific job that you want to be made available to tutors and/or students/clients, you can upload them onto the job. Navigate to the job's details page and click the upload icon on the 'Documents' panel. Select the file to upload then click 'Submit'. The document will be available to any user on the job and administrator from the job's details page.

How do I specify which skills are required for a job?

You can specify which skills are preferred/required for by going to the Matching section and clicking on the 'Skill Sets' panel. Select whether the skill set is required or preferred, and specify a qualification level and/or category and subject, then click 'Save'. Multiple skillsets can be placed on a job.

TutorCruncher compares the skill sets on a job with your tutor's skills. When a tutor looks at their Available Jobs tab, the jobs filtered by partially and fully qualified. When you send job notifications, you can also choose to send them to partially or fully qualified tutors. This feature makes it easier to match tutors to appropriate jobs. Tutors can still apply to any available job, regardless of qualifications.

How do I add special fields to a job?

You can customise what information you detail on a job using custom Field definitions. If you create a Custom Field for jobs, it will be shown when creating a new job and when editing an existing job.

Navigate to System > Settings > System Customization > Custom Fields and click the 'Add Custom Field' button. Under 'Apply To', select 'Job', then fill in the required information and click 'Submit'. Note that in order for your users to see the extra field, you must select the '[ROLE] Access' checkbox on the form.

In addition to jobs, custom Fields can also be added to reports, users, and lessons.

Can I export a job?

Yes, you can! Simply go to > System > Export > Jobs you filtering by the date that the job was created. You can download a CSV file which you can open with Excel. You can do your own reporting with this data, for example, you can find useful information about the number of applications you're received or the total client cost per job.

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